Mike’s Musings- Dog creates havoc in household

August 2, 2013

Michael Wilcox, Publisher/Editor

I’ve often written about the exploits of our Golden Retriever. Daisy we call her, has chewed our woodwork, eaten an electric shaver and literally destroyed a dozen or two pairs of shoes. The dog, if we didn’t love her so much, would certainly be living elsewhere by now.

In determining how to stop her destructive behavior, we decided a companion may be best for her when she’s home alone, which shame on us, is quite often. After cruising the Jay’s Sporting Goods parking lot for several weekends, and not finding what we were looking for, we had given up on the companion idea.

UNTIL! That fateful day we were having lunch at a local watering hole, and kabaam, my wife started showing pictures of Daisy to the couple next to us. They then proceeded to show pictures of Cocoa, a chocolate Labrador, that they needed to find a home for. Shazaam- my wife was all over it. Next day I come home from work and there is Cocoa, our new dog.

Cocoa the puppy was already taller than Daisy, the four year old retriever. A bundle of non-stop energy, Cocoa should have been named Mischievous, because her demeanor is a thousand times worse than a toddler without Ritalin. The dog just doesn’t stop grabbing or pushing your arm or leg; doesn’t stop whining or barking; and doesn’t stop trying to wrestle, bite or irritate Daisy—all in the name of ATTENTION!

Her greatest faux paux in my opinion, is her sleeping pattern. I for one, always considered myself an early riser. Six a.m. and I’m up and showering. But since Cocoa became a part of the family I only wish six a.m. was the norm. My new awakening time is five a.m., because Cocoa insures I won’t sleep a minute longer.

That doesn’t mean she doesn’t try to awaken me earlier. From 4 to 5 it is a battle. She will gently nudge me, and if no response, she will push. If that doesn’t work she will start whining. If she doesn’t stop I will order her to her cage. Of course I have to physically get up and lock her in the cage. That usually doesn’t stop the whining, but at least I get another half hour of shut eye.

At 5, I roll out of bed. Our new routine is a gentle jog/walk around the neighborhood. I decided this might take some of the energy out of the crazy dog. I don’t think that idea has any merit, although I must say Cocoa, and to some degree, me, look forward to that early morning jog down darkened streets where we have the roads all to ourselves.

Cocoa is getting better at jogging by my side- for this most part that is. A few days ago, we were doing our thing, when a rabbit darted twenty yards out in front of us. Cocoa, always positioned on my left decided to move across the front of my body in chase of the rabbit. There I went sprawling on the pavement, legs and arms scraped and bleeding.

That’s only one of many times, we’ve wanted to ship the dog to the pound. Heck six weeks ago we decided to get the dog “fixed” in hopes it would have a calmer demeanor. Again, nice idea, but it didn’t work. Cocoa came back from the animal hospital, as energetic and crazy as ever.

Cocoa does it all. She chews shoes and socks; seeks attention 24/7; makes a mad dash for the door and the neighborhood when she shouldn’t; chases cats at every opportunity; whines when she doesn’t get her way; barks when others are trying to sleep; and beats up on our Golden Retriever far too often.

That said, we still love her, and she will always be a part of our family. I just hope this fireball of energy learns peace and calm are better traits than the demonic behavior she now possesses.

Please don’t forget there is an election this Tuesday. The ballot is rather sparse but there are a few important issues that need your input.

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One Response to Mike’s Musings- Dog creates havoc in household

  1. Catherine59 Reply

    August 7, 2013 at 2:16 pm

    Mike, I chuckled at the wisdom of your writing about your dog this past week and staying clear of the fallout of your “race card” editorial.
    I’m writing because you inadvertently left out a link to the Tom Diaz video. Tom Diaz is a veteran, a former NRA member, a conservative lawyer and also worked as an assistant managing editor at the conservative Washington Times. He does not have a liberal background. I’m sending it again in the hopes you will print it:

    Catherine Loeb

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