Mike’s Musings- Kudos to three Coleman coaches

Michael Wilcox, Publisher/Editor
My Rant and Rave column from last week went over pretty well. I appreciate all the kind comments from readers who agreed. This week I’ve got a few more rants and raves to get off my chest:
Three cheers to the Coleman junior varsity softball and baseball coaches- Tom Pashak, Katherine Benchley and Keisha Acker, who suddenly became heroes Tuesday afternoon, when they saw a motorist’s car drive into a pond as their bus was on the way to McBain to play baseball and softball games.
The incident happened just outside of McBain. The trio of coaches swam in the pond and pulled the motorist to safety. Talk about role models for those 40-50 kids sitting on the bus, watching in awe. This incident will be forever remembered by the kids- much more than anything that happens on the diamond.
By the way, the Coleman bus continued on their way to the McBain diamond, once emergency medical personnel arrived, and were winners in sport as well, that day. Again, my heartiest Heroes welcome to those three coaches.
Its sour grapes I say. That is my opinion when it comes to Surrey Township’s assistant librarian publicly spewing negativity about the library because she was fired. I say, you were fired, take it like a man (or in this case woman). If you did all the great things you claim, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting a similar job at another library. But going public with it, only makes that next job all the tougher.
Sour grapes as well to the couple that went to great lengths to claim longtime Surrey Township Treasurer Esther Pitchford was committing fraud when she supposedly overcharged them on their property tax bill. She eventually was exonerated, but her reputation was put through the ringer, and she didn’t deserve it.
I gotta hand it to the Brookwood II committee. They are pulling out all the stops to get enough money to build a new athletic complex in Clare. It is hard for me to fathom the kind of money they have raised. They’ve received $100,000 from one anonymous donor and several other $10,000-$50,000 contributions.
Heck even Hall of Famer football coach, Kelly Luplow, has been working his butt off to raise funds. He was on Facebook the other night challenging former Clare athletes to anti up. It was kinda like a Brookwood-athon, where athletes were calling or messaging in with their contribution- pretty cool.
I feel for all those injured and the three that died in the Boston tragedy, yet I don’t understand why all of our attention has focused there, when a greater tragedy occurred in the town of West, Texas, where a chemical plant explosion killed 14 and injured over 200.
Two weeks later, and we still don’t know what caused the explosion. We’ve dissected every bit of information the FBI could drudge up in Boston, but in Texas we know nothing, and that is a shame. Four blocks surrounding the plant were completely leveled. The explosion could be heard and felt 50 miles away.
The magnitude of this tragedy is every bit as great as the one in Boston. I wanna know what caused this explosion? Is it terrorist related? Why haven’t we heard one word from the owners of the chemical company?

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