Mike’s Musings- Meth has now turned mobile

Michael Wilcox, Publisher/Editor

We got a rash of calls this week about the story headlined “Mobile meth labs found in Harrison.” Callers, for the most part, have simply grown tired of the endless meth stories. I tend to agree with them- they are redundancy at its best.
Unfortunately despite the best efforts of police, and the continual stories in the media, meth has become the drug of choice for those dependent on a fix. It is relatively inexpensive to make, and gives you a high similar to cocaine. In fact it has been termed the “poor man’s cocaine.”
What sets it apart from other drugs, however, is the explosiveness of the ingredients used to make meth. Cookers have to be very careful. Recently we have witnessed houses blowing up, and several people severely injured because the chemicals exploded in the cooking process.
Therefore, it continues to be a story despite the popularity of the drug. Callers might not want to read that 25 canisters of empty meth bottles (deputies call them mobile meth labs) were found along  Adams Road or another was found in Grant Township, but those are the facts of life.
Clare County has certainly had its share of meth busts. We can give kudos to the cops for that. But the drug is everywhere. Cadillac has had several recent busts. This week mobile meth labs were found in Highland Township in Osceola County. I guess junkies feel the best way to rid themselves of their empties is to dump them in remote areas.
Police warn however, it is possible for these mobile meth labs to reactivate the chemicals, making them extremely dangerous to those that might encounter them. They say stay away and call the authorities if you think you have spotted them.
THIS WEEK AND NEXT WE PAY TRIBUTE to the graduating classes in Clare and Osceola Counties. I harken back to those days of youth, when graduating from high school was a major highlight of my life at that point. It’s a great accomplishment and parents, relatives and friends should make sure their graduate is honored for their success.
For seniors that now must face a new world, fear not. You can accomplish great things if you just set your mind to it. Whether it be to further your education or get a fulltime job, be serious about your goals. Never give up. God rewards those that persevere.
Additionally take note of the businesses that sponsored our graduation pages. These businesses paid substantial dollars to extend their congratulations to all the 2013 graduates. Please realize who they are, and next time you need a service or product, utilize these community-minded businesses that paid tribute to you and your graduate.

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