Mike’s Musings– Never again, moving too stressful

November 8, 2013

Michael Wilcox, Publisher/Editor

I forgot how tough moving is. Throughout my life I’ve moved several times. I’ve moved to Florida and back. I’ve moved from one Michigan town to another. I’ve moved offices from one end of a city to the opposite end. After each move I make a solemn vow, this will be the last.

I guess that’s one vow that was made to be broken. Last week, The Clare County REVIEW moved its offices from 2141 E. Ludington, Clare to 105 W. Fourth, downtown Clare, and I’m here to tell you, it wasn’t easy.

105 W. Fourth, is the second floor of the old bank building at the corner of McEwan and 4th. On the lower level is the Clare Chamber of Commerce and Superior Title. We occupy the space that was once FACE {Truth & Clarity on Alcohol}. It is drop dead gorgeous with sculptured ceilings and a view unmatched in Clare.

But it isn’t made for moving furniture. The narrow, 20-step staircase was difficult to maneuver most loads. We brought several pieces of furniture from out house. One was an extremely heavy black couch. It took four of us- Art and a helper from First Choice, my wife and I, to push, pull and tug that loathsome piece of furniture up the staircase.

Other pieces were not as difficult. Nor were the dozens of boxes. Carload after carload were transported the two mile distance. Carload after carload were hiked up the stairs by my wife and I. One step, two step, 20 steps- time and again. We keep talking about purchasing a stair-stepper, but have come to the conclusion, we just rented the real thing at our offices.

Both of us complained the next few days about muscle aches. We went to Ruckles to grab a bite to eat on Friday night. We didn’t dilly-dally. It was in and out. I went to get up from my chair, and lo and behold I almost ended up on my butt. My knees simply gave out. I’d never had this happen before.

Five days later I’m still complaining of soreness and stiffness. But that’s the physical aspect of moving. There’s also the technology end. I thought I was pretty well set having informed Charter and my IT guy of the move, and having appointments set to get everything hooked up.

Well, the best laid plans never seem to workout. The Charter guy was at the office at 8 a.m., ready to hook up the new office. Much to my chagrin, because Charter failed to call us for an appointment window, I was 150 miles away. Thank God, my wife was around to let the dude in. He did a nice job transferring the phone lines and internet, but its five days later and we still have no way to hook up our fax.

Being technologically challenged, our phone system, fax and internet still have a lot of glitches. I suppose in time we will eventually figure it out. Until then, we will need to have patience (a commodity of short supply for this writer).

Oh and I almost forgot this humorous anecdote. We had our sign installed last Thursday. It was affixed to the front of our building, a few feet from the entrance. If your remember Thursday night, which was Halloween, was a windy, rainy night. Wind gusts reached 40 mph.

As I was delivering newspapers in downtown Clare at about 6 a.m. Friday morning I noticed our sign was gone. Geez, I thought, Halloween pranksters had stolen it before we had even begun to move.  I looked all over, only to notice a few minutes later it was laying on McEwan, having fallen off its perch and ending up in the street. It was smashed and unrepairable. A new sign had to be made.

At least it was only a sign. Several years ago when I had a 30,000 square foot printing plant built in Clarkston, it was damaged severely by a tornado. That’s right, it was 90% complete, when a tornado came through and ripped off the roof and two sides of the concrete construction.

Talk about craziness. We had just landed a contract to print the National Sports Daily, a start-up headquartered in New York City. We had been chosen to print the Midwest edition, and the plant was built to their specifications. We didn’t let our new customer down. There we were printing the inaugural edition under the stars and amongst the mosquitoes. There was no roof and two sides missing, but the press was in great shape and we were undeterred.

This move didn’t have that kind of drama. In fact we are now settled in, and looking for you to come and visit us. It’s a week later, and the aches and pains are gone. Feel free to stop by and say “hi.”


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