Mike’s Musings- Ranting and Raving on a Snow-Covered Late April Day

April 26, 2013

Michael Wilcox, Publisher/Editor


RAVE- Marion Superintendent Greg Mikulich is one of a kind, and unfortunately at the end of this school year, he is retiring. That’s it, come June 30th Mikulich moves to his rocking chair, or some would think. Those “some” would be dead wrong. Mikulich has always been a whirlwind of activity, doubling as Marion’s superintendent of schools and elementary principal. Even though he is retiring, you can bet he will be an active participant in school activities.
As elementary principal his school was named one of the best in Michigan. Mikulich’s ability to get the most out of his teachers combined with his effervescent personality are ingredients that make a great principal.
Just three weeks ago we featured him on our front page, with student after student dousing his body with ice cream and chocolate syrup as party of reading month activities he had initiated. Can you imagine being able to dump dessert all over you Superintendent of Schools back when you were attending school? I can’t.
We certainly wish Mikulich luck in his retirement. It is well-deserved. And the same for Carl Sztuckzko, the man chosen to replace Mikulich.  He will have big shoes to fill.
RAVE- I’m glad to hear the Clare County Board of Commissioners reversed their decision to lock all the courthouse doors but one. At least I think I am. These days we probably can’t have enough security, but one of the aspects I’ve always enjoyed about the Clare courthouse is its openness. Downstate, it is totally different. It takes forever to get into a Wayne County court- security detection device after device and security guards patting you down on every floor. Kinda crazy, but probably necessary.
Not so up here. We have plenty of security guarding court employees and lawyers. And, unlike downstate, our courthouse is home to the great majority of county offices and employees, as well as several others. A lot of activity takes place in that courthouse, and I would hate to see it restricted. Some additional security would be nice, but not to the point the Commissioners had originally approved.
RANT- Since we are discussing security let’s address racial profiling, particularly when it comes to airports and long lines to get through all the security measures that take place. I will probably offend many with this statement but I really don’t care. I think it’s time we did profile those of us who are of Arab or Indian descent. After all those are the groups of people that are most likely to terrorize America.
It disgusts me when I see a couple of retirees pulled out of the security line to have their bags opened and their bodies frisked. Do we really think grandpa and grandma are going to be carrying a bomb in pick the people that might look suspicious.
I say hogwash. In this day and age, with terrorists possibly lurking around many corners, we need to suspend political correctness. I apologize in advance to my Islamic brothers, but your people brought it on. It’s time we put a stop to it.
RANT- Here we go again. I just paid $3.89 at the pump after reading just 9 days ago that gasoline prices were going to be in the low $3 range this Spring. The excuse for the high prices? The torrential rains the Midwest experienced a week ago shut down a refinery or two.
I’m simply tired of these Illinois refineries playing games. They are always shutting down for some stupid reason simply to drive up the price of gasoline. The rains, for the most part are over. Wholesale gas prices are at very low levels. We should now be paying $3.30, maybe $3.40. What gives?

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