Mike’s Musings- Somehow I lost track of time

August 16, 2013

Michael Wilcox, Publisher/Editor

Somehow I lost track of time. Summer just kind of blew in, stayed a few weeks, and apparently is long gone. Dang, it’s the middle of August, and this morning when I awoke the thermometer said 44.

I turned on the television and there’s a political commercial hammering Congressman Dan Benishek because he hasn’t done anything to further the cause of global warming. I say what, as I’m freezing in my lazy boy, and outside my car is covered in frost. To heck with global warming, why isn’t he doing something about Michigan freezing?

Just so you know, August is the second warmest month in Michigan, second only to July. The Almanac says we should expect at least three days in the 90’s, and many days in the 80’s. Sunshine occurs on 67% of all August days.

I will agree, we’ve had our share of sunshine, but 80 degree temperatures have been nil, and we haven’t been close to 90. We’ve had more 60 degree days than 70.

To illustrate, I took my morning run around the neighborhood, bundled in sweats and sweatshirt. I’m thinking, I can’t ever remember it being so cold in August. When I returned my ears were a beet red, and my hands felt like frostbite was setting in.

Last night, my wife and I decided to spend some time in the hot tub, primarily to get warm. As we’re noticing the leaves on our maple and oak trees starting to brown, our hot tub was being bombarded. It was like rocks were falling from the sky. Well we soon ascertained the rocks were nothing more than acorns falling at a steady clip. Heck two or three hit me in the head. It was time to vacate the tub for safer quarters. But again, strangely this is August, one of the hottest months of the year. Why are acorns already falling.

We decided to go boating last weekend. Wouldn’t you know, there were like five boats, when there is usually twenty-five, cruising the lake. Guess what? The high 60’s temperature combined with a breeze, made it mighty chilly on the lake. Tell me this is October, and not August?

Yesterday, when I was trying to decide whether to mow my lawn or not  I heard a familiar October noise. Geese were flying overhead, not one or two, but dozens in their heading south pattern. Do they know something we don’t? Do they think summer is over, and it’s time to go South?

Back to whether I should or shouldn’t cut the lawn. We purchased a brand new lawnmower about a month ago fully expecting to make good use of it in July, August and September. Guess how many times that new lawnmower has been used? It hasn’t! The lawn hasn’t grown a lick. Yeah, I feel very guilty, because I haven’t mowed. But the cold, dry weather hasn’t necessitated mowing.

No doubt weather can be unpredictable. To have 3 or 4 chilly days in August is not uncommon, but c’mon this current cold snap has lasted for weeks. Some relief is suppose to come next week when weather forecasters predict temps in the 80’s, but I worry, because those forecasters are more wrong than right.

I guess it’s time for the summer toys to be winterized and tucked away. The boat, the convertible, the jet skis, etc are no longer useful. And that window air conditioner I needed to buy can wait until next year- yippee. Instead I got my eye on a cord of wood, and an electric heater.

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