Mike’s Musings– Stay out of Syria for now

August 30, 2013

Michael Wilcox, Publisher/Editor

Mike WilcoxYou might call me anti-war, but I am not. Call me isolationist if you wish, but I am not that either. I am however, very opposed to starting war against Assad’s Syria.

I guess I am also naive, because I don’t understand why the United States thinks it has to police the world. What is going on in Syria is between Syrians, and we shouldn’’t be involved unless our nation’s security is threatened.

Just look at recent history. Our record in policing other nations hasn’t been so successful. We were failures in VietNam. I question our involvement in Iraq, since weapons of mass destruction were never found, and since we have left, that once proud nation, is extremely unstable. Afghanistan has been a complete and disastrous bust. Not only have we failed to eradicate The Taliban, they have now spilled over to Pakistan, making that once reliable ally, increasingly closer to becoming the haven of terrorists.

The United States has taken over the policing duties of the United Nations. It is true the UN is one big massive do nothing organization. I don’t think many of us would care if it was disbanded. But, since it’s still alive and functioning, it should be involved in Syria. UN leaders, should be demanding peace talks. UN leaders should be punishing Assad for using chemical weapons on his own people. This is their duty, not the United States. But for good reason, the U.S. has no faith in the U.N. and our leaders feel we are the world’s moral authority. Maybe we are, but maybe we shouldn’t be so quick to tote a gun.

So what are we going to accomplish if we go to war in Syria? For starters we will piss off Russia and Iran, two influential countries in that region. Syria, with the help of Iran, might start tossing missiles and chemical weapons at Israel. That country, which acted with great restraint when the United States invaded Iraq, is likely to fight back if missiles come their way. Israel, in preparation for war this week, began passing out free gas masks to their citizens.

The risk of escalation, in my opinion, is very possible. Iran is looking for a fight, and it’s unlikely they will let their closest ally, Assad’s Syria, go down without coming to their aid. Russia, too, is very close to Assad, and will certainly step up their weapons pipeline if the United States gets involved. Egypt to the southwest, is experiencing its own, well-documented, internal strife. One wonders what will happen there, if the U.S. starts this fight. And then there is tiny little Jordan, in the middle of all this, a staunch U.S. ally, that is bloated with refugees, some looking to create chaos.

Most importantly, however, are the lives of our American soldiers. Obama and Kerry have said no ground troops will be utilized. Didn’t we hear that at the beginning of the Gulf War? I personally would not want one American soldier to die fighting Syria’s civil war. To me, let the Syrians die, but don’t, please don’t Obama, have Americans die in Syria. That war is not ours, at least it shouldn’t be just yet. Let’s give it a few months before we go rushing in with warplanes.

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