Mike’s Musings- Unbelievably, Gladwin bank robber only gets 11 months

October 18, 2013

Michael Wilcox, Publisher/Editor

Mike WilcoxIn the aftermath of the two bank robberies in Harrison and one earlier in the day in Cadillac, the Bonnie and Clyde copycats, Clinton Cole and Ruth Loomis face stiff jail sentences. The habitual offenders could face life in prison, or as in the case of Jonathon Rheaume, much less.

Rheaume robbed a Chemical Bank in Gladwin on August 20, 2012. A couple of weeks later he robbed a credit union in Grinnell, Iowa.  Twelve days ago he plead guilty to armed robbery in front of a Gladwin County judge, and was slapped with an 11-month jail sentence.

You’re reading it right- not 11 years, not 1 year, but 11 months. Rheaume was given the maximum term by law, so experts say. Additionally the Department of Justice chose not to file federal charges, even though their guidelines for bank robbery are much harsher.

I have a hard to believing this. Maximum term for robbing a bank is 11 months. If that’s the case, those guidelines were drawn by a buffoon. Heck a lot of drunk drivers are sentenced to more than 11 months. One could surmise it might pay to take your firearm in to a bank and demand all their money. Rheaume’s sentence, to this opinion writer, is insane. I would have expected 5 to 8 at least.

Which brings us to Cole and Loomis. Like Rheaume they robbed multiple banks. Like Rheaume, Cole held a firearm to threaten bank tellers. Will his sentence be Rheaume-like as well? Gosh I hope not. I’m sure he and his accomplice Loomis will not get life, but jeez let’s lock the two of them in the slammer with a Kwame-like sentence.

We missed an interesting item that went along with the bank robbery story last week. Apparently at some point before or after the downtown Harrison Chemical Bank had been robbed, Cole and Loomis made their way to a used car dealership in Harrison that they had purchased a car from and were making payments to. They went into the office and plopped down $2300 in cash, and said here you are, we are now paid off.

The owner, of course unaware that the money probably came from a bank robbery accepted it and probably thought, finally, some decent people. Later, the cops demanded he hand over the money for evidence. Man, if I were in his shoes, I would find the difficult. Here I think I got some great unexpected spending money one moment, and then the next moment, it all is taken away.
Cole and Loomis were busy between robberies. A search of a Cadillac home, found $18,000, believed to be from the Cadillac Wexford Community Center Credit Union robbery. Addtionally $1200 was found at a Lake George home, also believe to have come from the Cadillac heist.

Another aside to this story- On Sunday, police raided a home in Cadillac. They had received a tip that it might be the site of a meth operation. They indeed found all the ingredients necessary to make meth, although no one was one. No one was home because they were in Clare County Jail. The home belonged to the alleged bank robber, Ruth Loomis and her boyfriend Clinton Cole.

Check out this coincidence- The Chemical Bank in Clare is managed by Rod Loomis. One of the Chemical Banks in Harrison that was robbed is managed by his wife, Sandy Loomis. The name of the female bank robber is Ruth Loomis.  I would swear on my child’s life that Rod or Sandy Loomis would have nothing to do with committing a crime, let alone a bank heist. It is freakish, and a fluke, however, that the name Loomis played so prominently in all this.

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