Mike’s Musings– Without power life can be very difficult

November 22, 2013

Michael Wilcox, Publisher/Editor

I forgot how difficult it is to live without power. It’s going on hour fifty-two and still no heat or lights. I’m sitting here bundled in winter coat and a blanket; grasping a flashlight and my trusty cellphone, hoping that lights will begin to flicker and appliances will start to hum.

The last three nights have been a repeat of the previous. No heat, no water and no lights. I pee outside. My only redeeming grace is that when morning comes, I know I have all the essentials at the workplace. All the essentials that is accept a shower. I must smell like my dogs without a shower, bathtub or sink with running water. I don’t think I have enough deodorant to cover the three-day stench.

Some smart aleck said, “what’s your problem, most people have generators and I thought for sure you would have one. “
I don’t and I won’t. Generators cost a lot of money and I’m too frugal to pay for something I might use once every five years. My wife certainly disagrees and let me have it in so many certain terms. If my dogs could communicate, I’m sure they would not mince words with this cheap s.o.b.

Food, or lack thereof, has become a problem as well. I didn’t eat the first night. I just figured I didn’t need the calories. On day two I had a bag of potato chips and a McDonald’s oatmeal. On day three I had had enough. I was craving a Burger King cheeseburger for some reason. I hadn’t had one in several years and man, did it sound good.

So I pulled in to Burger King, licking my chops. I’m thinking maybe I will order two, after all, I hadn’t eaten much in two days. I get up to the ordering speaker, and before I could say one word, the order taker blurted out, “We have no beef.”
I was in a state of shock. The freezing temperatures inside my house were tolerable. No lights, television or toilet, were inconveniences I could deal with, but no beef, I almost went ballistic.

I tried to be calm, “but this is Burger King. How can you not have beef?”

All I got was a rude response, “Sir, I said we have no beef. If you want to order it has to be a chicken product.”

But I really wanted that charbroiled cheeseburger. I held my temper (jeez that’s a first- once I almost got arrested for yelling at a McDonald’s worker) and simply sped away. Another day without food it appeared. Not really. Later that night I ordered pizza and ya know, it tasted like Thanksgiving Dinner. Every morsel of cheese and dough crust tasted like Filet Mignon, as I ate in the dark by flashlight.

Here I am obsessing about food. My problems are nothing compared to others who lost parts of their homes due to trees falling on them. I’ve seen cars totaled, above ground swimming pools demolished and acres of trees leveled.

This storm reminds me so much of a hurricane. You could hear the wind howling for 16-20 hours straight. Not on and off but steady and loud. Certainly not as loud as a hurricane, and certainly not as strong, but the length and the damage it caused was similar.

Officials are claiming no tornadoes were sighted. Sorry, but from what I’ve seen and heard from people, I can’t believe that.

One only has to take a look at some of the devastation in Sears, Lake and Harrison, to know this was much more than wind sheer.

Oh and did I tell you. Our power flicked back on a couple of hours ago. Hooray, I can now take a shower and not worry how I smell when I meet with the Marion athletic boosters tonite. Hooray maybe I can make it from the kitchen to the bedroom without tripping on a dog toy, and running into the wall. Hooray, now I can enjoy a homecooked meal.
Life is good.

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One Response to Mike’s Musings– Without power life can be very difficult

  1. vinner38 Reply

    November 23, 2013 at 7:35 pm

    Yes indeed, Power is a great thing, If it wasn’t for the Character and dedication of Tesla and Edison, We wouldn’t have it at all.
    Most have no idea how fragile the energy grid is.
    Most haven’t a clue that the left winger crowd in this country is trying to raise our electric rates to something truly un affordable.
    Its an Obama agenda to Bankrupt our power utilities.
    I hope folks take notice and fight against the lefts bankrupting policy’s.

    Thanks, that’s my two cents

    Vince Eaton

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