Sick and tired of World Cup coverage

July 3, 2014

Mike Wilcox

Mike Wilcox

I love my sports. I love baseball. I love football. I love basketball. I certainly enjoy hockey and golf and car racing and track and field and tennis…yada yada yada. But there’s one sport I’m having difficulty with at this point in time- that being soccer.

I guess I equate it to gay pride. Gays, lesbians and now, transsexuals are being thrown in our face all the time. I got nothing against a gay person, but I can’t stand the constant bombardment of gays should have this, and gays are denied this right.

Soccer is the same. Everywhere I go lately, it’s the world cup this, and the world cup that. I turn the television on, and every sports channel leads with the world cup. I open up Sports Illustrated, and it’s all about soccer. I joined twitter, and most of the timeline is stories on the world cup.

I sat in a restaurant on Sunday, expecting to order a great steak dinner and watch the Tigers play the Astros for an hour or so. I planted myself in front of a big screen television- one of at least fifty the establishment boasted. There I am with another couple cheering on our favorite team.

At about the fifth inning the television  went blank for an instant and then came on soccer. It was pre-match coverage. The match pitted Costa Rica against France. I kindly ask the waitress what happened to the Tigers which I and the other couple were watching.

Mind you, there were only about 20 people in the restaurant and as far as I could tell, and I looked several times, no one was watching television. The soccer match was on all but four of the televisions. I asked the waitress why did all the televisions have to have this France vs Costa Rica soccer match on their screen. Can’t we watch the Tigers?

Of course her answer was I have no control over the televisions or what is shown on them. She didn’t offer to seek out the manager, who happened to be sitting two tables down from me. I could tell he was a soccer fanatic, intently filling out a world cup bracket most of the time I was there. I kept my mouth shut, but thought, jeez, can’t at least one television have the Tigers on? Is Costa Rica vs France important to anyone in this restaurant?

Call me old, call me set in my ways, but I refuse to watch soccer. I simply cannot watch an action-less sport where 1-0 is the normal score. That being one goal, compared to an average of 60 points in an American football game.

Sports pundits everywhere, however, say soccer will soon be more popular in the U.S. than other major sports. I scoff at these dumbbells. Our youth have been playing soccer for thirty years or more. It is an extremely easy sport to participate in- all you gotta do is kick a ball. There are no skates, nt bat or club- just a ball, your legs (sometimes your head) and a net.

At the youth level it is a great way to get kids participating in a  sport. But for whatever reason, the American way takes hold in high school, college and at the professional level. Do you know how many American professional soccer leagues have started up and failed in the last thirty years? I know of five, and there are probably more.

When Americans are given the choice to watch either European soccer or American football on their television screen, I think we all know what the most common choice will be.  So I say, good riddance world cup and all the soccer coverage I must suffer through. I’m glad you come around only once every four years.

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