Murphy’s Law hits the Maurers

October 11, 2012

Wow, what a week it has been around the Maurer household.

As most of you know, the man of the house is slowly recovering from hip replacement surgery – and doing pretty well I’d say, although I’m not sure he would agree with that assessment.

Having never spent much time in a sick bed, I really think he expected to be fully recovered by now (two weeks after surgery). Unfortunately it doesn’t quite work out that well. He just got the bad news that he will be using that (*%^#@) walker for another four weeks before the doctor will allow him to put his full weight on the left leg again.

He has been down in the dumps since we left the doctor’s office. I think he had gone to his post-op visit to get stitches removed and was positive he would come out with permission to start using a cane…and maybe with a return-to-work date.

Naturally, since he is unable to do much, that is the time for Murphy ’s Law to kick-in around here. You know that old saying, if something can go wrong, it will?

First it was the recliner seat that decided to break down. So we have had a repairman in trying to fix that and have been forced into using an older creaky model as Jack’s base of operations.

Next came the announcement from our health insurance that they will no longer offer policies in this area and we have to find a new provider before the end of the year, so Jack was put in charge on looking for a new insurance company for us.

One inquiry on the internet brought them out of the woodwork. We have gotten calls from loads of companies all week long and have already met with a couple of potential providers.

Last Saturday the more bad news hit when we discovered that when we moved the refrigerator to clean underneath, the water line to the icemaker began leaking.

It was a small leak but behind that frig, it was spraying the cupboards, the wall and naturally the floor. And we didn’t discover it until the supply of ice in the freezer ran out – twelve days later…

So, we have had loads of company all this week – visiting nurses, therapists, repairmen, insurance providers. Monday was also the day to have all of the windows in the house washed inside and out. It was like a circus around here that day.

 And the fun continues. While I have been attempting to work in my (most of the time) quiet little home office, the restoration company has been here most of the day today removing the water warped oak laminate flooring in the kitchen and setting up a system to dry out the subflooring. With workmen coming and going all day, poor Peanut has just about used up her “barker,” and I have done at least 50 sit-ups just getting up to answer the door…

Guess we will be getting a new kitchen floor, new walls and maybe a few cabinets in the next few weeks and I can’t even get a little excited about it.

Meanwhile the refrigerator is in the hallway and the island is in the living room. The contents of the one cabinet they had to remove so far is in boxes here, there and everywhere.  In the middle of the kitchen is a machine – a commercial dehumidifier that will run continuously for the next few days.

The good news (and there is some) is that the subfloor under the adjacent bathroom tub, although a little wet, is not extensively damaged and will not need to be replaced. I was having a “daymare” about having the whole bathroom torn apart too, while Jack is struggling to maneuver around everything with a walker…

And through all of this chaos, I am working on not only the week’s news writing as usual but setting up interviews for our upcoming business profiles which comes out in just two more weeks…

And I thought “semi-retirement” would be a cinch…

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