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September 6, 2018

John Wilson, Clare County Sheriff

Well the last big weekend of the summer has come and gone.  I must say that I have enjoyed this past summer more than I have in years because of my good health.  We have such a variety of outdoor activities in this county to relax and have a good time.  We are very fortunate to live where we do.  We will now ease in to my favorite time of the year, fall.

John Wilson

John Wilson

Over the Labor Day Weekend there were 569 incidents, which is down a little from the same time last year of 601 incidents.  The weather always plays a part on the number of incidents that we receive in Central Dispatch.  During the month of August there were 3,550 total incidents, and to date Central Dispatch has received 26,632 incidents for the entire County of Clare.  We currently have 184 inmates which consist of 106 local, 23 renters, 3 DOC, and 52 Federal.

On 28Aug18 our area was hit hard by a storm in which caused severe property damage throughout the county.  The storm line hit the area around 8pm that evening.  It was reported that the storm itself was moving at 65 to 70mph.  We have not received data as of this time on the speed of the straight line winds, but from the damage we have seen they had to be very high.  Our Central Dispatch Center literally lit up in those first few minutes that the storm hit.  In just a short period of time we received over 211 – 911 calls.  Rough numbers show we had over 56 power lines down, 42 areas where trees were down on roads, 5 storm related traffic crashes, 3 residential and business alarms, and numerous of other calls.  What these numbers don’t show is the amount of the actual calls coming into the Central Dispatch.  What I mean by that is those calls that are duplicate to what has already been reported.  There were 3 dispatch counsels going during this period.  Not only do they have to answer the continuous 911 calls and sort out what is priority or not, but they also have to get that information out to all the area fire departments and emergency crews.  Good Job Missy, Sue, and Mary Jo!

We would like to thank all the area Fire Departments, Consumers Energy, Law Enforcement, the Clare County Road Commission, all the tree removal services, and all the others who came together to help with this storm.

Reminder that all of our local area schools are now back in session, including our local college, Please take a little extra time when traveling to and from our schools, and in and around those areas.

Remember to be aware of school buses on the roads and observe the laws regarding them.  Good luck to all of the area students and staff, and have a great year.

Like Always, God Bless
Sheriff John S Wilson

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