Enjoying fall

September 28, 2017

Fall is my favorite time of the year because of the cooler temperatures and of course, hunting. We are very fortunate to live in the middle of Michigan and see all

John Wilson

John Wilson

four seasons come and go. We can all complain about the weather in the winter, but we don’t have hurricanes. When was the last time we have been without power for more than a few hours? I know there have been certain areas of this county that may go a day or two without power. My heart goes out to all those in the south end of our great nation who have lost so much to these hurricanes.

We currently have 181 inmates lodged in the jail which consist of 80 local, 2 Department of Corrections, 48 Federal, and 51 Renters. During the month of August there were 3,461 incidents logged through our Central Dispatch. During that time period your Deputies handled 2,435 of those incidents. During the month of August we investigated 8 Home Invasions/Breaking and Enterings. There were 2 each in Surrey, Hayes, and Hamilton Townships, and 1 each in Farwell, and Frost Township.

When we look at the news these last few years we see all the bad press law enforcement officers have been getting. When you look at the profession as a whole, less than ½ of 1 % are the ones that are the so called “Bad Cops”. There are over 900,000 sworn police officers in the United States. There is not one profession that has a perfect 100% “Good Employee” in it. I’m not making an excuse, just stating statistics. As Sheriff I will talk through all hires, and disciplines with my staff. We will take everything pertinent for the situation at hand and make a group decision. We take complaints against any employee seriously and they are investigated. If needed we will call an outside agency (Michigan State Police, Michigan Sheriff’s Association Missions Team) to conduct the investigation. If needed, an outside Prosecutor is used to review the case.

I want to congratulate Detective Donald VanBonn who just completed a month long training on cell phone forensics down in Alabama. With the ever changing world we live in, we are having to get evidence from cells phones in a large percentage of cases today. Prior to completing this school, our detectives would have to send the cell phone out to see if there was any evidence on it, which could take months. The Secret Service offered this class at no cost to the law enforcement agencies, with a limited number of spots. We were very fortunate to get a spot in this school. Detective VanBonn now has the knowledge and equipment to complete tasks needed in obtaining evidence from cell phones. We also received over $2,500.00 in equipment from the Secret Service for completing this class.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Michigan State Trooper Timothy O’Neill who was killed in the line of duty 20 September 2017. He was only 28 years of age and leaves behind his Mother, Father, Brother, and a Fiancée. He was killed in a motorcycle crash in Plainfield Township, Michigan.
That’s all for this time.

Like Always, God Bless
Sheriff John S. Wilson

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