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October 19, 2018

Well happy October Clare County. The colors are changing and the deer are running out in front of cars more than ever. From now through November, car deer

John Wilson

John Wilson

crashes are the highest. Last year from October through the end of November there were 228 car deer crashes in Clare County, so far this month we have investigated 35. I know it’s easy to say than do but try not to outdrive your headlights.

We currently have 175 inmates in the jail which consist of 107 Local, 2 MDOC, 12 Renters, and 54 Federal. During the month of September there were 3,298 incidents documented through Central Dispatch. The Clare County Sheriff’s Office handled 2,265 of the 3,298 incidents during that time period. In September 2018 we investigated 10 drug cases with 6 of those cases involving Methamphetamine.

We are investigation 12 larceny and breaking/entering cases in the White Birch area of Lincoln Township. These were reported between August and October 2018. If you have any information in reference to these crimes please call our TIP line at 989-630-5252. You don’t have to leave your name unless you want too.

I have been speaking out against Proposal 1 coming up for a vote by the public in the November general election. There is nothing good about recreational marijuana. I hear that it will bring much needed tax money into this state, trust me when I say the money that would be brought in wouldn’t even come close to the lasting effects it will have on our environment and society. Please take time and watch, “Chronic State, How Marijuana Normalization Impacts Communities”.

People want to debate this issue but that fact is, it’s a mind altering drug. The financial cost to law enforcement alone is unknown. Please take time to research this before you vote.

I want to take this time and say thank you to Renee Haley who was the head of our Veterans Services here in Clare County for the last 10 years. Renee has moved on to take a position with the Veterans Affairs in Saginaw to further her career in assisting our nations Veterans. Renee was very passionate about her role, not only as a veteran of the armed services, but serving those who served our great country. I had the honor to work side by side with her on several projects and will miss her, and her drive. Thank you Renee for what you did, and will do in the future for our country.

That’s all for this Time
Just Stand, GOD Bless
Sheriff John S. Wilson

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