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May 17, 2013

John Wilson, Clare County Sheriff

We currently have 168 inmates lodged in the jail which consist of 74 local, 11 Federal, 2 Department of Corrections, and 81 renters. There were 3,159 total incidents reported in the month of April with your Deputies handling 2,023 calls. During April we investigated 24 Home Invasion/Breaking and Entering complaints. 6 were in Lincoln, 5 in Hayes, 3 in Frost, 2 each in Greenwood, Garfield, and Redding, and 1 each in Hamilton, Sheridan, Surrey, and the City of Harrison.

Our Correction Department received their 100% compliance certificate for training. All Correction Officers are required to complete 20 hours a year of “In-Service Training”. Undersheriff Miedzianowski, Lt Michael Bailey, and Sgt. Lisa Smith have been working diligently on keeping the inmate renter number steady to ensure our projected revenue for this fiscal year. If we stay on track with the number of renters we should meet the projected revenue.

I would like to congratulate Deputy Erica Vredevelt for being promoted to Detective. We have watched our overtime numbers and see where we could move an officer into the detective unit to help out at no extra cost to the county. This will benefit not only the citizens but will help the patrol officers with follow up on cases that they do not have time to do. Certain cases take an enormous amount of investigation time like Criminal Sexual Conducts, Home Invasions, Larcenies, Drug Complaints, and other types. Again, congratulations to Det. Vredevelt

We are gearing up as I write this for the planting of the county garden. Our Maintenance Manager, Brian Tomaski, has donated several yards of manure for fertilizing our jail garden. The garden will be worked up this week by the inmates and will be planting in the near future. Canteen Services that contract with our county for inmate meals, donates the seed and plants every year for the garden. Thank you to Canteen and their generosity. The garden is worked up, planted, and maintained at little cost to the county. Besides the benefit of getting fresh vegetables, our inmates get a chance to work it from the seed to the mature plant. This is also beneficial for those who are incarcerated here to learn about gardening.

Here are a few statistics that caught my eye recently that I want to share with you. 66% of children born in America will not live with both biological parents through the age of eighteen. We have become a fatherless nation with 33% of 72 million children in America going to bed without their biological father in the home. 73% of households with children under the age of 18 are headed by married couples compared to 91% in 1960. Families that have both the biological mother and father still living in the same household are less than 23.5%. Marriage is not easy, life is not easy, but as parents we have a responsibility to raise our children with good values and to point and guide them in the right direction.

Like Always,
GOD Bless
Sheriff John S. Wilson

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