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June 21, 2013

John Wilson, Clare County Sheriff

We currently have 164 inmates lodged in the jail which consist of 71 local, 12 Federal, 80 Renters, and 1 DOC Hold. There were 3,664 incidents reported during the month of May with your Deputies handling 2,279 calls. During the month of May we investigated 34 Home Invasion/Breaking and Entering complaints. 7 were in Hayes, 4 each in Hamilton, Lincoln, Grant, and Harrison, 3 in Freeman, 2 each in Farwell and Surrey, and 1 each in Greenwood, Garfield, Franklin, and Arthur.

We have submitted our proposed 2013-2014 budget for review by the County Board and Administrator. The budget process is a group effort here with all employees being some way involved in it. Each department head is responsible for getting quotes and putting in for what they need replaced, and/ or wants to add to new equipment for their area covered. The clerks figure out what the wages will cost along with the benefits for the employees. Undersheriff Miedzianowski puts it all together and organizes it. Thanks to all the employees for meeting the deadline date for submitting the budget.

We have purchased two new Chevrolet patrol units using USDA Grant money and a used 2008 Chevrolet Tahoe. We have ordered the units and should receive them this month. We bought the used Tahoe from a dealer in out of Chicago who deals in used and refurbished police units. We have also ordered a new replacement all wheel drive police vehicle for the Lincoln Township Patrol. This is bought and paid for through mileage paid through our contract with Lincoln Township.

We are fast approaching the 4th of July Holiday Weekend. Please remember if you are going to operate an ORV on the county roads to review the Clare County ORV Ordinance. The Ordinance can be located at, on the left hand side in the menu you can click on “Ordinances. On holiday weekends we receive more complaints of children under the age of 12 operating on roads in which is against the ordinance. Another complaint we receive is about operators speeding on ORV’s. The speed limit county wide is 25mph unless otherwise posted in certain subdivisions in the county.

Please visit and which will show which fireworks are legal in Michigan. Check with your local cities and townships if there are local ordinances which limit the times when you may light fireworks off. Please be very careful when setting off fireworks. Make sure to have water readily accessible in case a fire is ignited.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone involved and making the 2nd annual Lincoln Township Neighborhood Watch Expo and Car Show a very successful event. Thanks to all who donated time and items. Take time to remember and thank those who have kept this country free.

Like always, GOD Bless
Sheriff John S. Wilson

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