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August 30, 2013

Sheriff John Wilson

Sheriff John Wilson

We currently have 188 inmates lodged in the jail which consist of 79 local, 21 Federal, 86 renters, and 2 Department of Correction holds.  These statistics that follow are for June and July 2013.  During that time period your Central Dispatch loaded 7,203 incidents with your Deputies handling 4,604 of those calls.  There were 64 Home Invasion/Breaking and Entering complaints investigated by the Sheriff’s Office.  21 were in Hayes, 6 each in Lincoln, City of Harrison, and Garfield, 5 each in Hamilton and Surrey, 3 each in the Village of Farwell, Hatton, and Redding, 2 each in Freeman, Franklin, and Sheridan.

Our current budget is on track and appears that we will actually be bringing in a little more revenue from the jail then what our goal was for the 2012-2013 fiscal year.  We are in the final stages of budget appeals for the 2013-2014 fiscal year.  We have asked the Board of Commissioners to allow us to add 3 full time correction positions in the jail.  With the average daily number of incarcerated inmates being around 180, we feel with the steady number of inmates there should be another correction officer each shift.  We are able to add three Correction Officers mostly from existing funds.  We have also put in for a full time Deputy position.  This would replace the officer that was taken off the road and placed into the Bayanet Drug Team.  This would also help in reducing the response time to complaints.  With the reimbursement we receive from the Bayanet position through grant monies there would be little cost to the county to add this position.

We are constantly looking at ways to better serve the Clare County Community and meet the law enforcement needs out there.

Recently I have received a couple of complaints about response time by our department.  When Central Dispatch receives a call/complaint that requires a police response, it is loaded into our computer aided dispatching (CAD) software.  As soon as it is loaded all the patrol units that have computers in them see the complaint that was just loaded into the software.  Depending on the type of the complaint will determine in what order the complaint is handled.  An example here would be that if there is a home invasion in progress and let’s say a barking dog complaint, the in progress complaint will be handled prior to the barking dog, and may include two units responding to it.  There are times when all the units are tied up on calls.  If that time arises and a priority complaint comes in, one or more of the units may be directed to clear the complaint they are on and respond to the “in-progress complaint”.  There are times when the closes unit to respond to a call can be 30 or more minutes away from the call.  Every complaint that comes in to me about response time is looked into to see if there was a logical reason that it wasn’t responded too in a timely fashion.

We have received a new Ford patrol unit for Lincoln Township this month.  This is the first all wheel drive vehicle we have ever purchased.  With most of the side roads in that township being gravel or two tracks we felt it best for the officer working that area and the people they serve.  We also will be receiving two Chevrolet Caprices by the end of August.  These two Chevrolets will replace two of the highest mileage units we have and will be used by Deputy’s working out in the county.

With the opening day of School County wide fast approaching please remember to take extra time driving and looking out for kids going and coming from school.  Watch for school buses that are stopped picking up and dropping off.  Remember when the red lights are flashing on a bus you must come to a stop and wait until the red light stops.  I want to wish all the students of Clare County good luck in the upcoming school year.

Like Always, GOD Bless
Sheriff John S. Wilson

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