Well Happy February, or not?

February 8, 2019

I know this is Michigan but either be cold and snow or bring spring on, no more of this in between.  Even Michael Stevens from 9 and 10 Weather said he felt bad

John Wilson

John Wilson

for all of the schools and parents for so many snow days.  I remember a year when I was in high school and we didn’t have a full week of school between Christmas and Spring breaks.  This is an odd year with what weather we have had, making a mixture that adds up to unsafe roads and frigid temperatures.  A week ago Sunday, Jerry Becker (Emergency Management) and I sat in a weather briefing together.  With what they were predicting, we were forced to close down a lot of the county.  Clare County Senior Services was also forced to shut down.  By the time that Wednesday rolled around, it had been 2 days that our area seniors hadn’t had meals delivered to them.  Senior Services reached out to us to see if we could help.  The Sheriff’s Office was able to send four Deputies out in four wheel drive vehicles along with meal site workers to deliver those meals.

During the month of January, the Clare County Central Dispatch Center logged 3,106 incidents for the County of Clare.  Your Clare County Deputies handled 2,004 incidents during the month.  There were 323 Ambulance Runs, 38 Fire Department Calls, and 167 Car Crashes.  We currently have 150 inmates in the jail which consist of 76 Local, 49 Federal, 13 Diverted Felons, and 12 Renters.

A reminder that there are so many scams out there, especially being tax season.  Scams can come in the form of emails, phone calls, regular mail, and even in person.  They can come in the form of a pop-up window while surfing the internet.  DO NOT give out your information to ANYONE over a phone or computer.  The IRS scam is still alive and working.  The IRS will not call you and tell you that you owe money to them, so don’t even begin to fall for this one.  We are still seeing some where they send a check that looks real.  It will state that you have won money and to cash this check and mail some of it back to the sender to cover cost of processing your winnings.  If you have any questions about something please call our office and ask.

This month we will start the process of rotating new patrol units in and the old ones out.  The ones we keep will be rotated up for the Undersheriff, Detectives and Lieutenants.  This assures keeping our mileage down along with repair cost.  We have some patrol units with close to and over 200,000 miles on them and this will get rid of those units.  The program we are using currently allows us to get new every three years.  Fortunately we were able to get the same model as we currently have, so the cost of buying new equipment for the interiors wasn’t there this time.  A new cost we had to factor in this time was replacing our modems in the patrol units with in car computers in them.  Like everything else in this day and age, we were forced to upgrade our 3G to 4G modems.  The network for 3G will not work at the end of 2019.  With all of that said, I would like to thank our County Commissioners for working with us on this process.

That’s all for this month
Like Always, GOD Bless
Sheriff John S. Wilson

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