October’s over–here comes November

Well the summer clothes are almost all packed away and the winter clothes are in the closet.

Now it will probably warm up again…

I really hate that chore – cleaning closets and getting out winter clothes, coats and boots.

It always seems like the absolute end of the nice weather season. I have to admit these sweaters and sweatshirts I’m wearing now are more comfortable than those short sleeve shirts though.

Actually I have had both seasons jammed in that little closet for a few weeks now. I just got around to moving the summer stuff out…

Out here on the Tobacco, the leaves are mostly on the ground and very wet with all of the rain we have been getting lately. I really should rake, but I am pretty sure they are going to stay there at least until spring. Jack did buy me a little blower, so I cleaned up around the house. It looked really nice – for about two days, then the wind started blowing and suddenly the deck was covered with leaves again.

Man I can’t wait until my helper … can help again.

We go back to the doctor Monday and maybe he will graduate to a cane. We are both hoping.

With all of the rain and wind lately, the river is up, but it is still inside the banks, although we have acquired loads of downed branches all over the yard.

At least it has been a pretty fall this year. Now it will probably snow. When I saw my cousin in town Tuesday, he said in Roscommon they had snow on the car Tuesday morning…

November begins next week and Christmas is now only two months away.

Doesn’t seem possible, does it? Better start that shopping pretty soon. As usual I haven’t even begun to think about that although my new favorite leisure time activity is browsing through catalogs.

Bow season is underway and gun deer season is only a couple of weeks away.

The warm season is really over now and, unfortunately we didn’t get all of our summer chore list done this year. But at least we’ve done better than most years, since we were forced to get everything possible done before Jack’s surgery.

The rest of the stuff on that list will still be there in the spring – after all we need something to look forward to!

Halloween is tonight and the kids have been coming pretty steadily, although we seldom get very many this far out of town. Granddaughters Alison and Alea and buddy Lauren were just here in their Halloween Jammies. I will let you figure that one out. It wouldn’t be Halloween without a visit from the granddaughters.

I think Halloween was just about my favorite holiday when the kids were growing up. We always decorated – made scarecrows and carved pumpkins to hold lighted candles. Some years I made popcorn balls to pass out. Those were in the days before you had to check every thing the kids collected.

I usually made their costumes, and wasn’t above dressing up myself while we wandered around our little town collecting goodies.

We lived right in town and sometimes passed out goodies to 150 or 200 youngsters. Everybody, adults included, got into the act and dressed up back then. I remember following a 6 foot gorilla around one year…

Jack would stay home to pass out candy, or my mom would, if she was visiting. My mom, with her hair (it reached her knees) down and a cape and witch hat, had just as much fun as we did.

Meantime I got to wander the streets and “trick” a few of our friends in the process. When the kids got older and didn’t want Mom following them around, I’d stay home – still dressed up, usually as a witch or ghoul, and pass out the goodies to the youngsters brave enough to ring the doorbell. An old white wig, and sheet, white face makeup and a few blacked out teeth usually completed an ensemble. Sometimes I would dress all in black, don a witch’s hat and add a bit of green face makeup. We had a whole box full of costumes to choose from, in all sizes, and all made with old clothes from the attic and cast-offs. I don’t remember buying costumes, although we probably did from time to time.

If I had the home duty, I would, dressed up of course, sit outside and wait for a few unsuspecting trick or treaters to start up the walk. If I was perfectly still they would think I was just a prop – until I jumped up and dashed inside that is.

It was always a great holiday.