Oh wow it is May again.

May 4, 2012

I love this time of year. Winter, with luck, is more than six months away and we have the whole summer to look forward to.

It might still be a little cool, but you know that isn’t going to last long. In fact right now (7 p.m. on Wednesday evening) it is 74 degrees and sunny out there. We had thunderstorms earlier today, but I don’t even mind that since we really needed the rain and I needed a little break from the computer. Shutting down while the lightning flashed and the thunder boomed was a nice getaway for about 20 minutes this afternoon.

With any luck there won’t be any more frosty nights now, the huckleberry bushes up by Roscommon will bloom and we will have bunches of those delicious wild blueberries to pick and make into pies this summer! It has been a few years since we have been able to pick any because of late freezes or dry weather at the wrong time, but I keep hoping.

Right now the flowers are blooming and the grass is a beautiful vibrant green again. Summer is right around the corner. I can’t wait to head north and open up the camper again.

As usual this time of year, the activity at the feeders has been frantic. The goldfinches are back, the cardinals add their flash of bright, bright red, and Jack and I are waiting for the annual arrival of the Purple Martins who show up about this time every year.

We haven’t seen our other  regulars at the feeders – the hummingbirds – arrive yet, but they should be getting here any day now too.

We also have a pretty cute new resident in the back yard. A little chipmunk comes out nearly every day to sit on the small deck we have near the back door. Usually he has filled his checks until they look like they are about to burst (probably with seeds from our feeder on the other side of the house) and he just seems to be taking a little break in his gathering chores and enjoying the sunshine out there.

I plan to be doing a bit of that myself now that it is warming up again. My new hammock chair arrived today and Jack will be putting it up out in back. We hang it from a branch in the box elder tree and it is a great place to take a break or read a book. Our old chair got plenty of use by both me and the granddaughters until it finally rotted away. We spent a lot of time out there and with a good push, it made quite a swing, one those girls absolutely loved from the time they could sit in it. That is one tradition I have really missed for the past two summers. We have been looking for a new one for a couple of years now. You can’t find them in stores, but we did find one online and immediately ordered it.

Our regular hammock is up north ready to be hung between two trees by the camper. That one attracts a lot of use too, especially from the little ones that come to visit while we are up there. We had to buy new straps for it, because the ones we had just wouldn’t hold four youngsters at a time and they all ended up on the ground last year.

I just like it for a great afternoon nap.

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