Okay, I’m ready for Spring now

I’m getting really tired of snowstorms.

I don’t know why this hit me all of a sudden. Just last Friday I was still loving it (well sorta).

I stepped outside last Friday morning and it was absolutely beautiful. Frosting on all the trees again and five inches of new snow on the ground. It was sooo quiet. All that snow falling seeming to muffle every sound. There was not even a peep from a bird and not even those flashy red visitors – the cardinals – put in an appearance to brighten things up – it was a black and white world out there.

I came back in and wrote a few some notes about the storm for this column, thinking it was probably the last one for a while. Later on the granddaughters were here to build me a snowman, the first we’ve had all year.

Actually they ended up making me three – a “snow family”, dad, mom and baby, with radishes for eyes and carrots for noses and all wrapped up in some old scarves to keep them warm…

Anyway the snow family is still out there, although they are listing a bit to the side now and some of the “eyes” have either fallen out or been eaten by critters.

I discovered why it was so quiet out there too. Jack had forgotten to fill the feeders. When he did that later on, they because the busiest place in the whole neighborhood, and even attracted an exceptionally fat gray squirrel to come looking for something to eat.

After a couple of warmer days, enough to melt the snow under the pine trees, we had another wintery blast this week. Wednesday morning I got up a little late and discovered a couple of little girls sitting in the living room. No school again!

We got another “snow” day as school was closed due to slippery roads. In fact Clare was only one of a long, long list of school closings listed on the computer this morning. It looked like just about every school in the northern half of the state was closed by that fast moving storm.

Alea and Alison didn’t mind having another day off a bit. We kept it warm and cozy in here by making a big pot of chili for lunch and some chocolate chip cookies for an afternoon treat. Then they “vegged” out and watched TV most of the day while I worked on the computer.

Storms aren’t all bad, but I’m still hoping that this is the last for a while. I would love to see a little spring weather arrive for the Irish Festival weekend which is now only two weeks away.

These storms are my fault I guess. I will take the blame anyway. Every time I write in my column about “sunny and nice” we get more “cold and blustery.” Guess I will just have to keep quiet and hope for sunshine and warmer.

Spring can’t possibly be too far away now. Besides several squirrels showing up at the feeders again, we have a whole flock of robins hanging around the yard already and the mallards are starting to show up “in pairs” again on the river.

That’s gotta make you an optimist.