Pat’s Bits & Pieces- Be extra careful out there!

February 22, 2013

Pat Maurer, Review Correspondent

PatI am tired of talking about the weather and I am sure you are tired of hearing about it, so guess I will write this week’s column about one of the effects of it.

I’m talking about people – including myself – falling on the ice.

I don’t ever remember so many people saying they had fallen until this year.  I managed to fall under the bird feeder Monday and ended up spending about three hours at a very busy emergency room waiting for the x-rays to come back to see if anything was broken.

Jack says I fell because the day before I was bragging that I haven’t fallen in years…

Matter of fact I was just picking on poor, old, Italian Al the other day, who somehow manages to take a “spill” about every six months or so. Now, of course, he is getting even.

Meanwhile back at the hospital there were no broken bones thank goodness, but it sure felt that way at first. Turns out I managed to “sprain” a ligament or two on the outside of my right knee making it pretty hard to get around for the rest of this week. Luckily I haven’t had to go very far from home. Had to cancel attending two meetings Monday evening and only made a couple trips out of the house since. It is a good thing because I look a lot like “Chester,” Marshall Dillon’s goofy deputy in that old series “Gunsmoke” when I walk…

Limping can be a great conversation starter. Everyone has had, or knows someone who has slipped and fallen this winter. The nurses at the hospital said they see people who have fallen everyday lately, and those are only the ones who go to the ER. Even quite a few of my own family members and friends have reported a fall in the past couple of weeks. Son-in-law Terry took a spill at work and hit his head on his truck’s running board. Daughter-in-law Micki fell twice on the ice in her own driveway – on the same day and in nearly the same spot!  Al said he hit the running board on his van last Friday morning when his feet went out from under him on an icy patch by the office in the early morning hours. Jack’s boss Dave said he went down and before he could stop, slid almost all the way under another car in a parking lot recently.

“Slip and falls” were the “hot” topic of conversation at our table at the United Way round up event Tuesday night too, with four others around the table besides myself reciting their problems with icy walks and roads this year. Sandy, who was sitting across from me, is still recovering from a broken rib, thanks to one little patch of ice in her driveway.

And every single person I have talked to that fell said the very same thing: “It happened so fast I was on the ground before I knew it.” I know I don’t even remember falling, just the “trying to get back up afterwards” and brushing tons of sunflower seed shells off my fanny…

Even our poor little Yorkie, Peanut has had an awful time staying upright when she goes outside lately.  After she fell a couple of times, Jack had to go out and spread ice-melter on all of the spots she prefers to use.

Of course, she’s not spoiled or anything. Her favorite person even uses the snow blower to clear out the fenced in area in back and paths all around the house so she won’t have to wade through the snow when she goes out front or out the doggy door…

It certainly has been a rough month for “man and beast,” both for weather and for icy accidents. Thank goodness there’s only six more days of “February” and 26 more days until the calendar finally says,  “Spring!”

I can hardly wait!

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