Pat’s Bits & Pieces- February again already?

January 25, 2013

Wasn’t I just complaining about cold weather? Well forget that!

Now we have cold weather with that thermometer dipping into the negative numbers for a real J-J-January chill!

And now February is only one short week away. Wasn’t it just February a few short months ago? Well folks, like a bad check, it’s back again.

Never mind what the calendar says, February is the longest, most drawn out, month of the whole year. And if this keeps up, it will also be the absolute coldest month too.

This time of year, there are always 48 hours in the day and only six of those hours include any daylight at all. Cabin Fever was invented in February.

If you haven’t got the idea by now, I will just say it. I’m just not a winter person. The best thing I can think of about February is that once it is over, you have eleven months to get over it and spring coming in only six or seven more weeks…

According to legend, we are supposed to find out how much longer winter will last on February 2nd if you believe in that sort of thing.

In Michigan though you might as well forget it. I can count on one hand, heck two fingers, how many times spring has arrived by mid-March, and since last year was one of them, you can bet we won’t have that kind of luck again this year!

In this State, the Ground Hog never stays out. He almost always sees his shadow and we can just about put money on another six weeks – or 12 weeks – of nasty weather. Personally I think he just sticks his head up, sees what we face every year about this time and then holes up in front of a cozy fire with a good book, all the while laughing at those “silly humans.”

To make matters worse, I will soon be “another year older.” (Isn’t that line part of some old country song?) Family birthdays really begin this month and from here until June, we have at least a couple every month through June and I have to keep them written down because I just can’t remember them all anymore…

One phenomena of aging is how much faster time seems to be going by each year. Of course that doesn’t apply to February, but once it is over, September will be here in what seems like just a few days.

I have a theory about that. When you were a kid, didn’t time seem to stand still? You savored, or suffered through every moment almost.

My proof? Just watch a five year old at play. They can spend a whole hour just watching the activity at an ant hill. And, they are never in a hurry to get things done. Maybe there is a lesson here for the rest of us. We have lost that childlike ability to thoroughly enjoy ourselves while doing absolutely nothing.

The older we get, the faster we need to go. Maybe we should “fritter away” a little time every week – slow our lives down a bit and take some time to enjoy things more.


Maybe that’s retirement…

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