Pat’s Bits & Pieces – February is winding down again – spring coming!

February 20, 2014

I’m enjoying a beautiful 46 degree Wednesday afternoon with frequent breaks to step outside into the sunshine for a minute or two.

Hard to believe that less than two days ago it was snowing so hard (Monday evening) that I could barely see to get home after attending two meetings in town. Actually it took me about 20 minutes to travel that 3 ½ miles cause I couldn’t drive much more than 20 miles per hour on those unplowed roads.

That storm dropped six and a half inches in our yard and about eight inches just a few miles southwest at Lisa and Terry’s house. I haven’t heard how much fell in Harrison, but I’m sure it was a bit more than here.

Ah Michigan, where the weather changes faster than a political opinion.

Anyway, you would never know it today. This has been the first spring-like day I can remember in many weeks. Better enjoy it while you can, because Jack tells me it is going to get back down in the teens by next week.

As the resident family optimist, I am hoping for many more days like today in the next few weeks.

This has been another good week – except for that snowstorm – again. Mother Nature sent me that as a birthday present. Yeah I am another year older now and have caught up with the hubby again.

I really make out good for my birthday month because Valentine’s Day rolls around just before my big day and I get calls, cards and presents for both. If you do have to have a birthday near a holiday, it is one of the better ones to be close too.

Sound just like a kid, don’t I? Well when it comes to birthdays and Christmas, I guess I’ve never really grown up.

There’s always been lots of family birthdays around this time of year. My brother Don and I were only 11 years and one day apart and Mom’s special day was President’s Day, the 22nd. We always used to celebrate all three of the birthdays together, something I didn’t like very much because I had to share the attention — and the cake! I always wished I could have a birthday all for me.

They say you should be careful what you wish for. Both Mom and Don are gone now and I am wishing they were still around so we could celebrate together one more time…

Grandson Jayson is the only other February birthday now. He celebrated his on February 13. Next month, during that crazy, muddy March weather, Lisa will celebrate hers on the 2nd, and both girls (on the same day) March 13, followed by Terry’s big day on the 17th, St. Patrick’s Day! Talk about sharing birthdays…

The early part of the year is definitely popular in this family, with April and May full of special birthdays too. I should have taken stock in Hallmark I guess.

According to an ancient column I was looking at, February is also National Bird Feeding Month. I can believe that because Jack has been hard pressed to keep seeds in the feeders all month long. Those crazy feathers moochers empty them almost as fast as he fills them. He had to go and buy more today, and believe me they were impatiently waiting for a refill. Sometimes the Chickadees land right on his head or on the feeder when he is trying to refill it.

I really enjoy watching them scramble for goodies out there so I am glad he does it, even if he does grumble about the cost – and the work. This time of year we all need something to cheer us up.

One more week and it will be March again!

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