Pats Bits & Pieces – Marvelous Muddy March – where are you?

March 6, 2014

The marvelous, muddy month of March is here again – or it would be anyway if some of this blooming snow would just melt.

Here it is a week into the month already – we have to set our clocks ahead this weekend, and the weathermen just keep saying more cold and more snow.  I’m beginning to think we may be starting another “ice age” and I don’t know when my feet will ever be warm again…

We need spring! I haven’t seen a single touch of green out there in so long…

I know I shouldn’t do it, but I just had to check the long range forecast one more time. says next week will be frigid, then cloudy and frigid, cloudy, a possible shower? and temperatures edging up into the 30s next week and (maybe) up into the 40s the following week.

Then it will head back down into the 30s for the last few days of March and move up into the 40s again to start off the month of April.

Matter of fact, their weather chart shows high temperatures a bit above the average for the rest of the month. I just hope they are right, but even though I am an optimist, I’m not going to hold my breath…

March in Michigan brings something new nearly every year.

Did you know on March 6, 2004 we had torrential spring rains that caused the river to come up within six feet of the southeast corner of the house?

By the middle of March in 2000, we had trees all in bud and flowers peeking up around town…

Well this year, we aren’t seeing spring rain yet or any flowers. The river is still nearly frozen over and the first day of spring is now only two weeks away!

Those annual urges to start spring cleaning may never get here this year – not that it would be a bad thing…I think cleaning is way overrated anyway. After all as soon as you clean those drawers, you need something and can’t remember where you put it. Freshly washed windows only last about 20 minutes around here and that dust on the shelves just comes right back as soon as I clean it off.

Even though the temperatures don’t show it, the birds out there know spring is coming. The days are getting much longer and they are singing up a storm whenever I let Peanut outdoors.

Despite the frigid temperatures and tons of snow around town, I have heard that robins have been spotted around town. Maybe that is a good sign. At least we are getting plenty of sunshine out there even if the temp doesn’t make it above 18 degrees…

The first signs of spring in this part of Michigan aren’t Robins or even sunshine though. The very first signs are the arrival of the migrating potholes. Those little beasties are the first spring critters to arrive in the area and guess what – they are already here again.

Jack says the roads are heaving all over the area. I know we have one spot on Washington that has dropped in four or five inches and I am seeing chunks of asphalt along the edges of the roads whenever the snow melts enough to see the edges of the road!

With the weather we have had this winter, It looks like this spring should be a real doozie.

The paved roads are already sprouting potholes and those dirt roads will soon turn any vehicle that ventures on them into a lovely coffee shade.

 See what we have to look forward to?

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