August 7, 2014

Ray Augenstein

Ray Augenstein

Some people love critters that come around during the summer months. They put up cameras and bait piles to tempt them just so they can watch them eat and go through their antics. There are all types of critters, the most common are the squirrels. You can fill a bird feeder and almost before you can get back to the house, you have an invader emptying the feeder.  It’s almost as if he thought it was put there just for him.

You can leave the feeder empty for a week, and not have a squirrel in sight, but the minute you decide to offer a treat to your fine feathered friends there is Mr. Bushy tail.  You would think you had a dinner bell attached to the bottom of the feeder.

Now don’t think it will help to go out and shoo him away, it won’t work.  He may make his escape up the nearest tree, just to sit on a branch and scold you for interrupting his dinner. His calls only serve to announce to the other resident squirrels that dinner is being served in your yard, and the next time you look there will be Mr. Squirrel and his parents, His siblings and all his cousins arguing about which one will get the biggest mouth full.

Another critter I don’t care about is the cute little, mouse like, Chipmunk. They can be just as innovating as the squirrels only on a smaller scale. I filled a feeder and watched as one of these cute animals climbed the pole and sat on the feeder filling his face with all he could get. He jumped down and within 3 minutes he was back again. It didn’t take him (or his relative) very long to empty the feeder.  I thought why bother to trap them? How much can one chipmunk eat?

I didn’t take into account the fact that the little critters multiply worse than rabbits. They established a residence under my house. At least the squirrels stay in the trees. I counted 7 entrance holes beside my house and during the early morning hours, l could hear them under my floor.  I don’t want to complain but, I got rid of 9 of them and there seems to be just as many as when I started.

I like to watch the birds on our feeders, there is a wide variety of them and I have identified most. One bird that I don’t care for is the obnoxious Crow. Lately they have been descending in a flock and parading around in our yard, as if daring other birds to object. They scare off the smaller birds, and if it is trash day, they make it a point of finding any garbage bag, not hidden in a trash can, and tear it open.

I used to blame the raccoons for the problem, even though the Raccoons present a problem of their own. We had a raccoon, which established an apartment under our roof, where she proceeded to raise a family. I had to wait until they left on a family outing, before I could seal the doorway and evict them.   I like critters, but on someone else’s property, preferably in the deep woods, not around my door.

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