It’s only Money … our money

August 22, 2014

Ray Augenstein

Ray Augenstein

It’s not often you find someone willing to take on the big dogs, like Hayes Township Supervisor is doing. I know that it would be easier to just shrug your shoulders and say well that’s politics. But someone really needs to stand up and say enough is enough. Our elected Officials are supposed to protect the citizens they represent, not spend money as if they had a pipeline from the National Treasury, and I’m sure if they had to take out of their own pocket they would be more careful with how they spend it.

I don’t know the reason behind why Ron Bushong resigned from the County Road Commission, and I’m sure he had his reasons. But by the size of the severance package he received, it seems to me that the county road commission was over a barrel for some reason. Did Ron discover something going on that the board wants to cover up? Is it a fact that he couldn’t continue doing his job knowing what he knew? Was he paid for his silence?

I know a lot of people, including Terry Acton and other township officials, who are questioning long and hard about how much severance pay was given to Ron. When I was Township supervisor, I was told that a lot of road projects couldn’t be done because the Road commission had a tight budget and they could not exceed it by taking on more projects.

There are Roads in our county that have been neglected and abused over and over again. There are people who have trouble just getting to town because their roads are like they were in 1850. Some are so bad that the trash truck can’t make it down in rainy or snowy weather.

What changed? Was the road commission given a large gift by some Philanthropist or did they win a lottery? How do they propose to pay Ron this money? Is it going to be a lump sum or a certain amount over a period of time? With this kind of benefits this is the type of job I want!

Is there going to be a kickback to some of the board commissioners for approving this package? When they quit will they also have the same benefits? If they all quit, that would be 3 Commissioners and 4 staff members including Ron Bushong. Multiply that by $255,000.00 which was the total package that Ron was given and you come up with $1,785.000.00. I didn’t know that our county had that kind of money.

Now I know Ron and I like him. He’s a personable gentleman, and I found that he went out of his way to meet with me and discuss issues I was concerned with. I sincerely believe that Ron did his job to the best of his ability, and I believe that Ron is honest and trustworthy. But I do agree with the Township Officials that something is not right in the County of Clare and I think this calls for a full investigation by our State Attorney General’s office.


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