Just Thinking– It’s COLD here

November 22, 2013

Dr. Ray Augenstein

Here it is the 2nd full day of no electricity. I have to type this on my laptop because my office computer is, of course, electric. I finally got a generator, after driving all over looking for one. My son in law had one in Roscommon that he let me borrow. I went as far as Mt. Pleasant and Houghton Lake but there were none available. It seems everyone in Clare County was buying them.

So for two nights, my wife and I wrapped ourselves in as many clothes as we could and made it through the cold night. I kept hearing that the power may come on at any time, but the reality of it was that we were destined to spend most of our time in the cold and the dark. I have heard from sources that it will be Wednesday, than again Thursday, now I don’t trust any of the stories.

I was thinking, what happened to all the generators that had been purchased previous to this crisis? Surely some of the people had generators in their garages or basement. Maybe this is a plot with the generator companies and Consumers energy to jump start our economy with huge sales of generators.

I think the electric company should give us a rebate on our electric bill, for the inconvenience of having to suffer with the dark and cold. Maybe get the gas company to get on board with that also. One group of people who don’t have the problem is the Amish, who have lived under these conditions all their lives.

I remember as a kid that we didn’t have electric in our home, every evening we would make sure we had enough wood in the house to last the night and the next day, until we could replenish the supply. We would use kerosene lamps that we had to clean the chimneys everyday so the light would be bright. Oh and don’t forget the old Privy out behind the house. Even in the cold and snow we would make our way out back, to brush the snow off the seat, so we could do our business in record time. No loitering there.

We look back on those times with fondness, and think about the good ole days, but the good ole days weren’t really as good as our memories serves us. I don’t know about you, but I kind of like having my furnace come on when the temperature drops below a certain level, as opposed to going out in the cold to carry wood inside, and the constant watching of the fire to make sure it didn’t go out.

I like to flip a switch and have my home lit up without taking the bulbs down to clean each night like we did with the kerosene lamps. I like to go into the throne room and just sit in warmth as long as I desire. No, I do not want to go back to the past hardships; I have had my fill of them for the past two days. Please just give me my Electricity so I can enjoy it once again in comfort.

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