Just Thinking– On a more serious note

November 29, 2013

Dr. Ray Augenstein

I don’t have the space to give attention to this subject, that I think it deserves. But it is a very serious subject, and one I think should be addressed.

One of the areas of my studies in becoming a counselor was child abuse. Abuse to a child can start at any age and extend until that child or someone the child will trust, informs the authorities. Abuse can be in many forms, it does not have to be just sexual abuse, and it is not limited to the female. Child abuse means doing something that hurts a child, mentally physically or emotionally.

Physical abuse includes hitting, kicking, shaking, pinching, and burning. It may leave bruises,

Cuts, or other marks and cause pain, broken bones, or internal injuries.

Often a child will show signs of physical abuse by their demeanor. They may flinch or act afraid around adults. Sudden noises or movements will startle them. Often those physically abused will become the bullies in their peer group, striking back at those who are weaker then themselves.

Emotional abuse is saying or doing things that make a child feel unloved, unwanted, unsafe, or worthless. It can range from yelling and threatening to ignoring the child and not giving love and support. It may not leave scars you can see, but the damage to a child is just as real. Often the child will cry easily, have no self-worth or confidence, and seek to be reaffirmed constantly.

Sexual abuse is any sexual contact between an adult and a child or between an older child and a younger child. Showing pornography to a child is a form of sexual abuse. Often the effects of Sexual abuse will carry over into a person’s adult life, causing problems in relationships and marriages. It may lead to promiscuity, or frigidity.

Neglect happens when a child does not get the shelter, schooling, clothing, medical care, or protection he or she needs. Child neglect is just as serious as other abuse and is more common. Another form of neglect, is ignoring, or not giving care or attention that a child needs.

The sad thing about abuse is that it doesn’t stop, when the abuser stops. Effects of the abuse can manifest all through a person’s life, in his relationship with other people. In how they perceive the ones they are supposed to trust. It can manifest in Alcoholism, Nightmares, Bed wetting, Aggression towards others, or being withdrawn and sullen. It can also lead to suicide, self-mutilation, and/or eating disorders.

A child is a precious gift, entrusted to adults to raise in a secure safe environment, Children deserve our attention and love not abuse. They need to feel that they are loved, and wanted. Those little ears can hear just as well as the adults can, you don’t need to yell. They need to feel that they are important to you, enough that you will listen as they strive to get your attention. What they ask may seem trivial to you, but it is important to the little one. If they are love and protected at home, they can grow up confident and assured as adults. Let’s protect our Children..

Dr. Raymond Augenstein PhD. was born in Michigan. He served in the US.Navy as a yeoman attached to the CID. He attended Bible college in California after military service, became a Pastor, Evangelist and Gospel recording artist. He continued studies to become a licensed counselor and earned a Doctorate Degree from The University of Michigan, after retiring from 42 years in the ministry. He is the former Supervisor of Hayes Township.

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