Just Thinking- What if we did away with political parties?

October 4, 2013

Dr. Ray Augenstein

What would happen if we did away with the political parties? Did you know that there are 5 major parties and 28 minor parties in the U.S. Including the Communist, and Marijuana parties. It’s easy to start a new political party, and anyone can do it. However it will take money and unless you have the funds, you have to convince a lot of people to back and fund you.

Why does it seem that if a group of people don’t like certain candidates, they will find someone who will champion their agendas and put him forth as a candidate? I’m thinking of someone like Ross Perot who ran as an independent candidate for President, not once but two times. Maybe I should start a party of “Leave me alone”. If we all had our way, there would be such chaos that we wouldn’t know what to expect or what was going on. In 1765 England was in such a state, where they didn’t know who was in control from one day to the next. Various groups would ride into a village and proclaim that their leader was the ruler, and he made the laws. People were afraid to plant crops, or make plans for families.

Such is the case today. We don’t know where our country is going, and who is really leading it. We are concerned about Gas prices, Obamacare, War in Syria, Jobs, and Social Security. We elect our leader based on how much they can tear down the other candidate, and how much they promise they will do for us. Why all the infighting for one party to be in charge of our country? Do they oppose a bill or an Idea just because the other party thought of it? What happened to “the Majority rules”. We are forced to accept laws and regulations that we had said, we don’t want. We have had crammed down our throats, things that may seem like a good Idea to the action groups that support them, but the majority have voiced their opposition to.

One solution: Let’s dissolve the political parties. Let’s have the primary elections with the top vote getter becoming president, and the runner up become the vice president. We could do the same with senators and congressmen. If the person elected is not doing their job, or have committed a crime while in office let them be fired, by a majority vote of the congress and senate. No accepting who is left, but who is best, on the passing or incapacity of the president. It only stands to reason that the second best is the runner up. Let’s get back to the business of Government directed by the constitution, and not some stretched interpretation of it. Let’s have a fair share income tax system. A flat 10%, with no deductions, or write offs. Let those elected to political offices have a set income, with amenities of office but not extravagance. No limos when a regular vehicle will do. No large retirements. Let them have the same as the ordinary citizen. Let them have the same health care that they impose upon the citizenry. I support and defend the constitution, but don’t take away my rights while catering to someone else. Be an American, support the things that made our country great. Defend all of our rights, not the wants of a few.

Dr. Raymond Augenstein PhD. was born in Michigan. He served in the US.Navy as a yeoman attached to the CID. He attended Bible college in California after military service, became a Pastor, Evangelist and Gospel recording artist. He continued studies to become a licensed counselor and earned a Doctorate Degree from The University of Michigan, after retiring from 42 years in the ministry. He is the former Supervisor of Hayes Township.

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