Mackinac Vacation

August 14, 2014

Ray Augenstein

Ray Augenstein

This is the time of year we began to make a plan to go on vacation. The August heat wave arrives, and after sitting in various spots trying to glean a little cool air and all the chores have been completed, such as mowing the lawn and watering the flowers, we decide that it would be nice to take a little trip for the weekend. After much discussion we finally settled on our destination. It’s up North.

Not that Harrison Michigan is not in the North, but somehow, when the weather gets hot, our minds kind of whisper to us, “its cooler up north. So we decide that Mackinac Island would be a nice place to visit. After packing our overnight bags, with everything we could possibly need, and a lot that we don’t need, we set forth on our leisurely drive north, with the words to the song “Way up North,” by Johnny Horton, going through our heads.

We make it a point to stop at tourist traps along the way, such as Sea Shell City. When we examine all the goods produced by child labor in China, we decide that there is nothing we couldn’t find in our local flea market or on line. Most of which can be produced by an 8 year old in their back yard, like the rubber tomahawks and the bow and arrows.

We finally check into our hotel room to find that the bed is hard, the chairs are uncomfortable, and the air conditioner is not working properly, but we’re having fun. Have you ever taken a trip to Mackinac City, Michigan? The sight of the bridge at night is beautiful while sitting in a lawn chair on the beach battling the cloud of mosquitos, and then the trip by ferry to the Island is an excitement in itself.

I love the Island and all it offers. We booked a ride on a carriage and took a sightseeing tour around the island. It offers plenty of opportunities for pictures. The natural Bridge, the Fort, and the Grand Hotel are just a few of the sights to behold. When we returned we tried to explore every shop and Restaurant that we could, and the fudge is to die for.

The only problem I have is that there are too many people, stopping at the rows of shops, many of which are selling the same goods, and offering the same types of food. If you have purchased fudge from one shop you won’t have to stop at another.

My question is, why Mackinac Island? Why not Beaver Island, or Drummond Island? I’m sure it would be less crowded, and a lot more peaceful. But then again you probably couldn’t brag about buying Mackinac Island fudge, or buying one of their special Mackinac Island T shirts, that you can send to some relative to show that you made the journey to Mackinac Island.

The best part of our trip was, when we came home to our own little Island, our own comfortable bed, the easy chair that somehow conforms to my shape. I think next time; my vacation will not go beyond Harrison, Michigan.


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