Political garbage

October 3, 2014

Ray Augenstein

Ray Augenstein

I don’t know about you, but I get pretty sick and tired of all this posturing and name-calling that the politicians do when they’re trying to gain an office. There’s so much backstabbing, lies, innuendos and prefabrication’s that a person gets tired of the garbage being thrown around. They are not gaining much ground in my book by belittling their opponents, and telling outright lies about them.

But I think those that are telling all these outrageous stories about their opponents are really belittling their own selves. When I start hearing one candidate you put down another candidate.  I have a tendency to discard anything they say. What it really says to me, is that the person making the claims really don’t have enough experience in their own background that is positive enough to make me want to vote for them.  They seem to feel that if they can cover their opponents with enough garbage that the people will not vote for them.

But I know Incompetence on the job, is still incompetence, whether the winner gained the position by default, or by piling on lies and false stories about their opponent.  We can blame the senator or that senator for everything that goes on in office, when the truth is they are only one frog in the pond.
We may not like what some of our senators do, and they might make mistakes in their voting, but we really need to take a look at the whole record? Are we focusing on just one bad decision and overlooking all the good ones they made? I think the best choice we can make is by setting down and taking time to look at the records, and background of individuals running for office. Whether they are Democrats, Republicans, or independents or, whatever political party they represent. Based on what we discover in their background for ourselves and then make an informed choice. Not the party, and not what is being said about the person, but what we discover.

One such story concerns Terry Lynn Land. Now I’m not saying I support any one person, but I do know that the connection between her and the Koch brothers is tenuous at best.  That’s almost as if saying because I was Hayes Township Supervisor that I had something to do with the Land fill stinking.
All of the good things person does is quickly hidden by all the garbage that there opponent digs up to throw at them. And they start out early in the season almost before their bonus first year is complete in office. Personally I don’t think I’d want to be in the spotlight like that. But of course I don’t crave the attention, accolades and all the benefits that go with the office. I’ve heard it said that some people would vote Democrat or Republican even if the devil ran for office.

Yet after all the campaigning and money being spent, we find that the one that we elect isn’t much different than the one that was there before them. The trouble is a lot of people won’t even vote, they stay home and gripe and complain about the candidates. If they don’t like the government or the people that’s in office they ought to take time to add their voice to the election of our officials.

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