They’re at it again

May 29, 2014

Michigan, which is considering a major fuel tax hike, already has some of the nation’s highest taxes on fuel, but the lowest spending on roads.

It’s a nasty combination, but Michigan motorists can rightfully complain that they pay some of the highest fuel taxes to drive on some of the lousiest roads. According to national data, Michigan has the sixth-highest state taxes on gasoline but one of the lowest rates of investment on roads in the nation. What did they do with all that money?” On Tuesday, lawmakers could vote on bills that would significantly increase gas taxes — by more than 25 cents a gallon over the next four years — but also sharply drive up state spending on roads for the first time in 17 years. If passed in their present form, the bills would give Michigan total state gas taxes close to the highest in the nation — with California and New York — as early as January. By 2018, when the new 9.5% wholesale tax on fuel is scheduled to increase to 15.5%, Michigan’s tax would easily be the highest in the country, barring significant increases in other states.

I believe that our economy is tied directly to the price of gas. When the gas prices go up the economy goes down.  Who pays for the extra expense of getting your goods to the market?  It is passed on to us the consumer, who pay for the higher costs of gas and the goods we purchase.  It doesn’t make sense.

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of being taken to the cleaners. It’s not as if we don’t pay enough taxes, but they like to keep their hands in our pockets, looking for that last nickel to spend on their pet projects. I realize that some of the money goes to fund schools. Of the 41.4 cents in state taxes Michigan motorists pay on a gallon of fuel, only 19 cents is a fuel tax dedicated to transportation. The other 22.4 cents is all sales tax, and under Michigan’s constitution, most of it goes to schools and local governments and very little of it can be spent on roads. What happen to the declaration that the lottery and casinos will fund our schools? Why are our schools closing and losing funding every year? What pocket is the money going into? Why can’t the government budget their money like we are forced to do? So what if the roads are bad if we don’t have the money to pay for repairs.

However, I have seen roads that need repairs more than others do. Old 27 between Clare and Harrison is an example.  The highway department has been working on U.S. 10 between Clare and Midland for years, but it never gets done.  Just saying.  I’m tired of being robbed for projects that don’t benefit me, and I didn’t ask for. Oh well, I’m old and I won’t have to deal with it too long. All I ask is leave me enough to live on for a few more years, then send it all to Lansing or Washington, or China, and avoid the middleman, the IRS. Use their salary to fix our roads.

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