Time to get involved again

March 21, 2014

Here it is again, that time of year when we all get to fund the US Government. I remember when I was in the service my superior officer came down the line and pointed to some of us and said “You volunteer.” The strange thing is that somehow I feel that our Government is doing the same thing with us. It arbitrary points to the citizens and tells us that we volunteer to fund the Government with our taxes.

I don’t remember volunteering. In fact I don’t even remember giving them permission to take money out of each and every check. Before I can even say “No you can’t” they have taken it and spent it. — In its bid to win the hearts and minds of Afghanistan’s teeming population, the United States has spent more than $55 billion to rebuild and bolster the war-ravaged country.

That money was meant to cover everything from the construction of government buildings and economic development projects to the salaries of U.S. government employees working closely with Afghans. Yet no one can say with any authority or precision how that money was spent and who profited from it.

 I certainly didn’t profit from it, and I’m certain that Clare County didn’t profit from it.  I just can’t get away from the fact, that every time I go on Old 27 between Clare and Houghton Lake, It feels like the springs on my car may break. Rather than reaming us at the pumps with a gas tax  give us some of our money back instead of sending it to other countries. .

My tax dollars go to help people who cannot help themselves, those who cannot work or are going through a temporary hard time. What I don’t care for are those who consider welfare as a career choice, those who work hard to stay on the system.  I know of a couple who were capable of working but when offered a job they refused because they would lose their welfare.

I cannot understand why they get to enjoy all the things I cannot because it’s given to them. If I go in and ask for the benefits they have I am refused, because I work.  Now don’t get mad, at me. I know there are some who need and desire the benefits. All I want is to have a little of my paycheck left.

Abraham Lincoln said, “You cannot bring prosperity by discouraging thrift. You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong. You cannot help the wage earner by pulling down the wage payer. You cannot further the brotherhood of man by encouraging class hatred. You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich. You cannot keep out of trouble by spending more than you earn. You cannot build character and courage by taking away man’s initiative and independence. You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves.”

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