April 25, 2014

RayAugustienHave you ever wondered what language some of those young people are using nowadays? I almost have to have an interpreter to converse with my children and grandchildren. I picked up two of our grandchildren to take them to dinner with us, and as they were telling us about the events of the day it seemed like every other word was “like”. He was telling me about his conversation with the pastor.

The content was “I said (like) you don’t understand (like), I have a frog (like) in my throat, and the pastor told me (like), just go get a drink of water. So I (like) laid down the microphone and (like) went to get a drink of water. The bathroom was (like) a long way away so I (like) set down and rested first.”
I was amazed at amount of times he said (like) during the conversation. I asked him about it. “Do you have to keep saying like all the time?” He actually didn’t realize he was saying it so much. It had become so much a part of his vocabulary that it was a natural for him to say it.

Another one that bugs me is my granddaughter uses the phrase (goes) all the time. I was listening to her in a conversation with one of her friends on her cell phone and part of their conversation was “he goes” and then she described what he said and then she responded “she goes”. It just seemed like all of their conversation was they were going.  When she finished with her phone conversation, she began to describe to us what was discussed.

Again, it was she goes, He goes, and when I confronted my granddaughter about saying it, and where were they going? We’re not going anywhere. So why I do you keep saying he goes and she goes. She just laughed at me and said, “Grandpa that is just the way we talk nowadays.”

Another thing I encountered, that has been bothering me, is the use of the phrase, “They” I have often tried to pin down these mysterious, and hidden experts everyone is quoting.  Maybe it is a family of beings named “they”. Whoever they are, they are the final authority on things political, medical, Philosophical, and everyday living.  In eating habits, I have found that “They” say you shouldn’t eat dessert before the main meal.  The medical “They” says I have to drink 8 glasses of water a day. I can no longer eat eggs every day, and must give up meat.

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