Year-around schools

May 8, 2014

Let me say from the start, I have no preference about the school days, all my children are raised and they must dealRayAugustien with their own offspring the way they see fit, however I just want to offer a few thoughts on the subject.

What a great Idea, who ever had it, must have a very active life that doesn’t include children. Of course you wouldn’t want to pay for day care while you go play golf or meet with the crowd, when you can just send your kids off to school, and let some teachers watch over them. Who cares if the personal family values you want your kids to be raised with, are not taught.

Now, that you are raising your kids, they don’t have to listen to you anymore. The authority they respond to are the people they are around most of the time, the teachers, their friends, the bullies, the cool kids that they look up to, all are there to give them information on life. Whether it’s true or not.

Why listen to someone who wants to be bossy and not let them do what they want to do. I certainly could slip around my teacher when I was in school.  Of course we don’t want any family bonding going on either. No time for summer family fun, no sirree. No fishing trips with Dad, or summer vacations at the beaches or national parks.

I seem to remember that a lot of the summer vacations were very educational for me. I remember laying on the beach at Lake Michigan, with Isaac Colvin, looking up at the stars, as he taught me the name of each one, and the stars of the zodiac. Isaac was a professor on vacation from a college in Chicago who taught Astronomy.  But he was my teacher on a warm summer night while I was on vacation from school. I learned a lot from Him that summer.

Much of my summer activities occurred because my parents struggled financially, I’m not saying we were poor, but I worked during the summer to buy my own clothes, and school supplies. I picked fruit, set pins in a bowling alley, worked on a farm, and whatever else I could do. I think the education I received from working helped me to form good work habits.

One benefit of year round school is, that it will keep the teachers off the street during the summer months, and they won’t have to cram when they come back to catch up to the returning students.   Somehow this reminds me of old England, especially the story of Scrooge. Where his father sent him to a boarding school, and forgot him.

In England and in some homes in America, they have boarding schools, year round classes and nannies to take care of the children. Parents don’t have any responsibilities for raising them, interacting with them or being responsible for them.  Just think, after 18 years on graduation day, you walk up to your kid and “say congratulations, I’m your parent”.

Their response just may be, “Oh yes, I seem to remember you from my 5th grade, when you took me to my nanny’s house to live.

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