October 6, 2016

By Roger Campbell Ministries

Enjoy October

Roger Campbell

Roger Campbell

The enduring classic daily devotional guide, “Streams in the Desert,” calls for giving thanks for the planned kaleidoscope we call the year, that the earth in its journey makes the one cycle a perpetual delight, emphasizing then how this is especially true in the season of splendor that arrives every October, asking: “Who with the least bit of love of nature in his disposition has not gone out of his way to see hills covered and the vales filled with the glory and splendor of falling leaves?”

October abounds with lessons about life. While approaching the end of their cycle, leaves leave even more beautiful than when they arrived. Colors that have been hidden from spring until now suddenly burst forth declaring the design of the Creator, reminding us that the later years of life have their own special beauty.

One of the wonders of this season is the preparation of birds to head to warmer places for winter. Flocks of these feathered friends fill the air and line up on utility wires awaiting some inner signal to sound before making their departure, seemingly wanting to capture a few more days of viewing October’s colors before flying away.

And then there’s the beauty of the harvest. October’s leaves add color to this special season, but the harvest contributes both beauty and bounty to our lives, providing food to enjoy and carry us through the cold winter season, another reason for giving thanks for God’s great plan which, according to the Bible, leaves us all without excuse for unbelief (Romans 1:20). Creation’s beauty and bounty are intended to bring us to faith and we’ll be held accountable for ignoring their clear lessons of love.

Generations past saw October as an ideal time for another kind of harvest: a harvest of people being brought to their Lord. Churches regularly planned October revival meetings when outreach in communities ran in tandem with harvests in the fields. Traveling preachers and musicians were often scheduled months or even years in advance for these efforts and the year’s program pointed to them, frequently involving weeks or months of prayer meetings expecting these to enlarge the harvest.
Our Lord spoke often of this kind of harvest and urged His hearers to recognize its importance and get involved. “The fields are white already to harvest,” he said and promised rewards to the reapers.
Are we missing opportunities that those before us seized? What would happen in your church if October’s beauty signaled the time for a spiritual harvest had arrived? What would the result be if this birthed a new vision of what could be accomplished if everyone in the congregation decided to labor in the harvest?

One of October’s most moving sights is a large flock of Canadian Geese flying from lake to lake increasing their number for the long trip to their winter home. The trip ahead will be difficult and massive organization and cooperation will be required to make it safely but they’ve been divinely equipped for this journey.

We’re also divinely equipped. And as we allow October’s splendor to remind us of God’s love we’ll enjoy this October more than ever. This will be especially true if we share in the joy of a harvest of people whose lives have been changed, enlarging the flock and filling our churches with people who now know they’re on their way home.

Roger Campbell was an author, broadcaster and columnist who was a pastor for 22 years.
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