Don’t let money matters get you down

August 25, 2017

A young unemployed father was feeling down about the economy and expecting the worst.  After all, he’d been searching for a job longer than he liked to

Roger Campbell

Roger Campbell


“Things are going to get better,” I said, hoping to encourage him.

“How can that be?” he asked.

Speaking from many years of experience, I assured him that money matters are usually temporary and the future often turns out to be better than we expected.
The late J. C. Penney would have agreed.

Penney said his most trying experience came as a result of making unwise personal commitments just prior to the financial crash of 1929.  During the financial crunch, he found himself so troubled that he couldn’t sleep and developed shingles, an extremely painful affliction.  His condition then became so serious that he was sent to the Kellogg Sanitarium in Battle Creek, Michigan.

None of the treatment there seemed to help and he grew weaker day by day, soon being filled with despair and unable to see even a tiny ray of hope.  One night, he wrote farewell letters to his wife and son, saying he did not expect to see the dawn.  Then Penny’s perspective underwent a complete change.

Let him tell about it.

“When I awoke the next morning, I was surprised to find that I was still alive.  Going downstairs, I heard singing in a little chapel where devotional exercises were held each morning.  I can still remember the hymn they were singing:

“God Will Take Care of You.”

“Going into the chapel, I listened with a weary heart to the singing, the reading of the Scripture lesson and the prayer.  Suddenly—something happened.  I can’t explain it.  I can only call it a miracle.

“I felt as if I had been instantly lifted out of the darkness of a dungeon into warm brilliant sunlight.  I felt as if I had been transported from hell to paradise.  I felt the power of God as I never had felt it before.  I realized that God with His love was there to help me.  From that day to this, my life has been free from worry.”
Penney’s chapel encounter with God dispelled his fears and prepared him for a bright and successful future as the founder of the department store chain that bears his name.  He had learned that God really cares.

I was born one year to the day after the financial crash of 1929 that affected J.C. Penney, and lived through the great depression, so understand something of the panic of that perilous period.

I could then speak with understanding to the troubled and unemployed young father who feared the current financial conditions would never change.
I have learned that God is bigger than our fears, better than our faith, richer than our debts and stronger than our enemies.

And God will take care of you.

Roger Campbell was an author, a columnist and broadcaster who was a pastor for 22 years.  Contact us at

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