Let God Carry Your Cares

August 31, 2017

Most of us have known people who were serene when everything seemed to be crashing down around them. In the most trying of circumstances, they have

Roger Campbell

Roger Campbell

remained trusting and calm. Those going to comfort them have come away comforted. The secret of such peace in times of peril is to allow God to carry our cares.
We will never escape cares because they are part of being alive. Every circumstance and time of life has its own peculiar set of cares, therefore we must guard against wishing our lives away looking forward to times we think will be less stressful than today.

People who are struggling financially may continually have money problems on their minds, but those who have plenty of money also have cares. Surprisingly, most studies show that wealthy people have more problems with worry and depression that those with less money.

How then shall we handle life’s cares?

According to the Bible, we are to worry about nothing and pray about everything.

Faith and fear are opposites and as faith increases, fear decreases.

I have a friend who was a prisoner of Nazi forces during World War II. While he was imprisoned, Allied bombing of that area kept increasing until the danger of being killed by friendly fire became a greater threat than surviving his imprisonment. Anxiety over this two-way jeopardy would have been unbearable but for a Bible verse he had memorized that provided him both strength and hope: “Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and He will sustain thee” (Psalm 55:22). I keep this faith builder on my office wall to remind me of how it helped my friend survive.

My work has placed me with people in the most trying times of their lives. I have often been there when tears were flowing, when all the castles had tumbled, when the feared and unwanted had become reality. But I have watched many of these same people rise up after their storms and get on with faith filled living, some even seeing their former trials as learning experiences that contributed to later gains.

Businessmen who appeared to be on the brink of bankruptcy have prayed and worked their way back to success.

Grieving people who thought the sun would never shine for them again because of losing loved ones in death have decided to let God carry their cares and have found His grace and comfort sufficient enough to enable them to smile again.

Parents who had nearly despaired over their wayward children have hung on, kept the channels of communication open, prayed in faith and now rejoice in the good things that are happening in the lives of those they love.

Women whose marriages of many years had crumbled when their husbands suddenly deserted them have been the most amazing of all in finding strength to rebound and find purpose in living.

Whatever you’re facing today, remember you don’t have to carry these burdens alone.

God loves you and awaits your prayers.

He’s ready to carry your cares.

Roger Campbell was an author, a broadcaster and columnist who was a pastor for 22 years. Contact us at rcministry@ameritech.net.

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