Reflections- Conquering the money blues

May 3, 2013

By Roger Campbell,
author,  broadcaster and columnist
and a pastor for 22 years


Feeling down about money?  You’re not alone.
Millions worry about meeting money needs every day.  But their fretting doesn’t add one cent to their bank accounts nor bring one slice of bread to their tables.  Being down about money is unprofitable.  And it is detrimental to emotional and physical health.  We simply can’t afford the money blues.
What then can we do about pressing bills and future financial needs?
Why not try prayer?
My ministry began in a small rural church.  Taking the position as the first fully supported pastor there was an adventure in faith for me and my family as well as for the congregation.  We agreed on a regular salary, and the people offered to supplement that with eggs, milk, produce and meat as they were able.
When we accepted this call, we had two small children.  By the time our fourth child was expected, the church had grown and the salary had increased a bit, but we had no medical insurance and wondered how we would pay the hospital costs when the baby arrived.  We prayed about the problem, remembering that God has invited us to ask and receive (Matthew 7:7-8).
For us, September 18, 1957 became an unforgettable day.  When the mail came that morning, it contained a letter from a family in another community.  I do not believe these people knew of our approaching expenses.  Yet they had enclosed a gift that was within a few dollars of the total hospital bill, saying they had sold their farm and that the Lord had impressed them to send this particular amount to us.  Our daughter was born that night.
Our mustard seed faith had been rewarded.   God had supplied our need…right on time.
How glad I am that we were short of money during the summer of 1957!  Otherwise we would have missed this miracle of God’s timely provision, an experience that built our faith and prepared us for other tight money times in our future.
Perhaps your present financial crisis is for further training in the school of faith.  When this pinch is past, you will always know that God is able to deliver you when times are tough.
Meanwhile, here are a few important negatives that will contribute to a positive attitude when coming through money problems.
Never talk about money during meals.  Never talk about money when you are upset over other things.  Never talk about money in bed.  Never talk about money problems immediately after praying about them.
Instead, follow this positive principle:  tell your money problems to God, expecting Him to pour ideas into your mind and strength into your body that will enable you to solve them.  And don’t rule out a miraculous supply in answer to prayer.
Being down about money indicates we doubt that God will answer our prayers.  Positive faith rejoices in assurance of the Heavenly Father’s care.
So put away your money blues.  You can’t afford them!
Roger Campbell is an author, broadcaster and columnist.  He was a pastor for 22 years. He can be reached at

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