Reflections– Lost and found at Christmas

December 13, 2013

By Roger Campbell, author, broadcaster columnist
and pastor for 22 years

In her book, “Who Am I?” Marjorie Holmes leads her readers in a prayer for all who get lost at Christmas. And who are these lost ones?

Holmes identifies them as children lost in stores, adults lost in the confusion of crowded parties and crowded lives controlled by drugs, drink, sex and mistaken goals.

Christmas has a lot to do with losing and finding.

The wise men, who traveled from the east bringing gifts to the newborn king, lost their way when they stopped following the star and ended up at the palace of Herod. There, the king’s advisors consulted the Scriptures and told them the king they sought was to be born in Bethlehem (Micah 5:2).

Many have lost their way in life and then found their way home through faith in the one born in Bethlehem that first Christmas. Recognizing the power of God’s love revealed in Bethlehem’s stable, Marjorie Holmes wrote: “Reach out your arms to us, bring us back into the warm shelter of the stable. Let us gaze upon the miracle of the manger. Let us become one with it, drawing new hope from it, and a sense of new worth so that we know we are all very dear to You, so that we are less likely to stray.”

Some, however, think they’ve lost Christmas, itself, in the celebration. Perhaps you’re one of them. If so, in order to help you find what you’ve lost, I submit the poem below by our daughter, Cheryl, one of my favorite writers of rhyme.

Take Some Time
Take some time from all the bustle of the season,
From the rushing crowds of people everywhere;
Find a quiet room and close the door behind you;
Take a moment…meet your Savior there.
Take some time to read again the Gospel stories;
Start in Matthew, move to Mark and Luke and John;
Read the truth about the life and love of Jesus,

The only One to rest your faith upon.
Take some time…and treasure what you find there;
Let the wonder of Christ’s birth embrace your soul;
Meditate upon the Gift God chose to give you,

In sending Jesus Christ to make you whole.
Take some time…or the season will o’erwhelm you.
Just let go of all your worries, all your care.
Find that quiet room and close the door behind you.
Take the time…your Savior’s waiting there.

…Cheryl Campbell Powell

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