The mystery of the missing Bible

June 20, 2014

When we arrived at church one Sunday, I reached for my Bible and it wasn’t in its usual place in the car.
“That’s strange,” I thought, feeling sure I remembered carrying this new Bible (a gift from my wife, Pauline) out of the house to the garage.
“Could you have placed your Bible on top of the car when you opened the garage door?” Pauline asked. We both knew that was possible, and in my case probable, so after praying for guidance in our search, we began retracing the route to church, driving slowly and watching both sides of the road.

“There it is!” I exclaimed, after about a mile of scanning pavement and ditches.  Some thoughtful person had found my Bible and placed it on top of an old kitchen stove that was for sale beside the road, expecting the owner would come looking for it.
Why all this concern over a Bible?  Don’t I have other Bibles?

Of course.  But this new one was a gift of love from the woman I love; a fitting gift because the Bible has been our guide throughout our life.
But there’s another missing Bible mystery.
Why do people allow this wonderful Book to be missing from their lives when its powerful teachings bring so much good to those who allow them to be their guide?

We all go through dark days and the Bible is an unfailing source of light for these tough times.
In times of grief, loss, confusion and depression, millions have found their way out of deepening darkness by reading and believing the Book of light.  In its pages, they’ve discovered this unfailing truth;  On the darkest day, God makes a way.
Still, some could lose their Bibles and never miss them.And that will always be a mystery to me.
Roger Campbell is an author, a broadcaster and columnist who was a pastor for 22 years.
He can be reached at

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