Resolution kept

January 28, 2012

Well January is drawing to a close already and I have to tell you, Jack is keeping one of his New Year’s resolutions!

Over the holidays he announced his intention to lose some weight.

That’s a tough one for him, the guy who never seemed to gain an ounce no matter how much he ate…

Unfortunately,  that overactive metabolism of his started changing a few years ago when the pounds started sneaking up on him – and me too of course.

A doctor’s visit with a “you need to lose weight!” and a few problems with his back, hips and knees last summer convinced him that he really needed to move more and/or eat less. That’s pretty tough if you’ve never had to do it before.

Now I have struggled with weight gain ever since my 40s so I am pretty good at this dieting thing, and in the past couple of years, I even had a problem with losing too much weight believe it or not. Not to worry, that problem’s solved now and I’m right back up there to “needing to lose a few pounds” again. I’ve also flirted with exercise on and off over the past years including walking, biking, skinny school (I’m not telling you about that), and “Curves,” which I plan to get back into next month!

Jack has never had to exercise to stay fit – probably because up until lately, he never stopped working long enough to have time for it.

Now that we are closer to 70 than 60, we both need it.

So right after the holidays, we decided to do something about it and bought a super-duper cycle machine. It looks like a giant tricycle that somebody forgot to put wheels on. It has gadgets galore and even a place for your water bottle. Plug it in and that thing can do anything – except pedal for you that is…

It tells you how fast you are going, can measure your heart rate (if we could figure out how that part works), tells you how far you’ve gone and even how many calories you’ve burned in the process.

Boy is that discouraging. Fifteen minutes, a couple of miles and I’m out of breath and have only used up 88 lousy calories – What is that? A quarter of a glass of orange juice or one little bite out of a cookie? Four peanuts maybe?

While you are working out, you can pedal along like it’s a lovely afternoon in the country or struggle up a (seems like) nearly vertical slope.  It goes from a difficulty level of 1 to “oh my God – I need to stand up to pedal!”

Actually Jack and I were both pretty proud of our progress over the past couple of weeks – we were up to 15 minutes each and at level 5 at least for part of the time.

Granddaughter Sammi, who is staying with us, tried it out too. She did 15 minutes on her first try and varied her level between 2 and 3. She said, “I almost croaked!,” but must have got the “bug” because now she is working out with a friend pretty regularly.

Then the littlest granddaughters came over and tried it out. Nine-year-old Alison did 32 minutes on her first try and didn’t even break a sweat. Alea, who is 12 now, did 32.5 minutes and increased her “level” to 7 or 8 at least part of the time – just so she could be number one, she said. (We can’t let a little sister beat us at anything…)

Then Lisa showed up to give it a workout. First time out she did 40 minutes with parts of the workout at a level 15!

And I was so proud that I got up to a level 5….

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