Resolution time — again

December 27, 2012

Yes Al, I am writing about New Year’s Resolutions again, and no, it isn’t the same column as last year…just similar.

After all these years, I’ve already written about most things at least once or twice anyway.

Once again another year is winding to a close. That just doesn’t seem possible. It just started a little while ago and now it is over again.

With the end of the year eminent, I have been re-reading some of my old resolutions, since I didn’t make any at all last year.

Usually one of mine is to get the Christmas shopping – and wrapping done early.

I did manage that this year and had everything under the tree more than a week before the family gathering (which was December 23 for us this year).

I was feeling pretty smug about my accomplishment. Of course three days before the festivities, I had to haul it all back out from beneath the tree and hide it on the porch since two-year old great granddaughter Ayssa thinks all wrapped presents are there for her to open immediately…

What great fun the little ones are!

I even got all of the holiday baking done and (with a lot of help from granddaughters Ada, Alea and Alison) all of the cookies decorated ahead of time. I’m not so sure that was a good thing though as we had to make cookies and decorate them twice since we ate the first eight dozen up in no time (not just Jack and I, but we certainly had our share).

Without a resolution to remind me, and because of all of the yummy time spent in the kitchen, I failed miserably at maintaining my weight at a reasonable level this year, so that will definitely be a resolution for next year – more exercise, more fruits and veggies, less cookies. I think I will start walking every day again, that worked pretty well for me before – well maybe I will start next week…

Some resolutions are pretty easy for me to keep.

To go camping often – no problem there, I can be packed and ready to go in an hour.

To play with the grandkids – that’s easy too. They are so much fun to do things with, from games and crafts to watching movies together, I enjoy every minute.

To spend time with Jack? With him home recovering from hip replacement, we have had loads of togetherness this fall. It has been pretty nice and I know I will miss it when he goes back to work in less than two weeks.

To read a new book or two each week? Also no problem. It’s actually harder to stay away from the books when I have other work that needs to be done.

To keep in contact with friends and family? Also pretty easy this year, as I have been using email and learning to use Facebook, a pretty great way to keep in touch actually.

Others are a bit harder to keep. Every year I say I am going to work on my bad habit of putting things off until the last possible minute—specifically writing my articles, but I am not making that resolution this year. I have established (more or less) a schedule for working from home. Mondays for phone calls and meetings, Tuesdays for interviews and research and Wednesdays for writing. Most normal weeks it seems to work pretty well – unless I get lazy and shove everything over into Wednesday…

By the way, it’s Wednesday…

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