School year coming, sports starting again

August 27, 2012

With the end of August in sight, the school sports programs have begun and the schools are gearing up for another year, which begins in just over a week now.

That means from here on out, we will be busy just keeping up with all of the school activities for the next few months. Lisa’s girls, who spend three days a week with us, are already involved in some. Alea has begun practice for Cross Country and is going to start practice for Soccer too. I’m not sure how she is going to manage both but I am sure that grandma’s taxi service will be activated once again. Both girls also have dance classes, participate in Basketball and Alea is in band as well. I will just bet Alison will be in band next year too, since she is going into fifth grade and Middle School.

Activities around the area won’t be slowing down much either.

The annual Farwell Labor Day Celebration will be in full swing next weekend and the semi -annual Yoder Amish Craft Show and Quilt Auction will bring thousands into the area for the holiday weekend.

Summer is just about over. I just don’t know where August even went this year.

We made a trip up to the camper in Roscommon last weekend and I thought for sure we would see the beginnings of some fall color, but so far everything is still very green even up there.

It was a great weekend with cool evenings just perfect for a campfire, and since the two youngest granddaughters went along with us, we had a couple of those, roasting hot dogs and making S’mores with marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate bars.

In between the feasting, those girls stirred and poked that fire so much we had to shut the camper windows and doors to keep the smoke out.

It sure was fun sitting around the fire. These days, I settle for the roasted marshmallows as those little sandwiches are way too sweet for me. Not for the girls though. Brother Jim and his wife Ginny came up for the weekend too, and they brought their 11 year-old granddaughter Elaina. That made for a wild and wacky weekend and those girls kept these “old folks” hopping…

For example, Grandpa made a run to the grocery in town with all three in tow. Alea, however, went dressed as a boy, complete with hair tucked in a baseball cap, old sweatshirt (hers), baggy pants (mine) pulled down to show “boxers” which were actually a pair of gym shorts and a mustache carefully applied with some old mascara…man I wished I had taken a picture of that!

Grandpa said he pretended he didn’t know any of them while they were in the store…

We came home again late Sunday with a truck full of tired kids, smoky clothes, one small pooped puppy, and all our other stuff. We will make one more trip this summer (without kids) and then it will be time to close and winterize the camper for the year again – that’s always a sad time for me. I love fall and Thanksgiving and Christmas and even the early spring festivals and activities, but summer – and camping is my favorite time of all.

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