Seems like the problems for Clare Police will never end

June 29, 2012

Once again two Clare Police officers have been found “justified” in the actions they took four years ago in defending themselves against a suspect wielding weapons and threatening them.

Clare Prosecutor Michelle Ambrozaitis just released information that she has reviewed the police actions in the 2007 William Scozzari shooting and upheld former Prosecutor Norm Gage’s, and the State Police determination that the two Clare officers were acting just as they should have.

Now maybe this fiasco will finally be over and done with.

It is a shame that Scozzari died as a result of that evening in September, but that investigation has said, twice now, that the Clare officers were justified.

I have watched those officers repeatedly dragged through the mud over the past four years in the media, despite those findings.

What a shame for them and for the City. I’m sure it has made them wonder at times, why they would have ever chosen police work as a career.

I’m not saying the police never make a mistake, but then I’m not so sure what I would do if someone was out of control, acting crazy and coming at me with a knife – and a hatchet.

I know I would have been scared to death, but I guess running away isn’t much of an option if you are a police officer…

Ambrozaitis said she reopened the investigation as part of the ongoing civil trial in Bay City.

This case just goes on and on. It seems to be never ending. Now they are enmeshed in a lawsuit still charging that they didn’t act as they should. You know when it comes to lawsuits; I think you are “guilty” until you are proven innocent.

Why? It won’t bring that poor soul William Scozzari back again. And, you know it could mean a lot of money for the family…who incidentally filed this lawsuit back in 2008.

The two new “witnesses” who were “found” by the Sentinel last winter, claimed that although they were staying at the Lone Pine and were there when it all happened, they were never interviewed about the shooting. But they didn’t bother to step forward at the time with their accounts either. I just can’t believe they could have been so intimidated by our Police Chief and that one officer that they were afraid to speak up at the time.

Could it be because one of those new witnesses was a convicted felon, and wanted on multiple warrants in Clare County?

When they were interviewed in Oregon, with the stipulation that the “wanted” one could not be brought back here to face charges, the two women told somewhat different stories about what happened that night and changed their testimony too.

One thing was consistent. All the witnesses, including these two “new ones” said they heard the officers tell Scozzari to put down his weapons – a hatchet and a knife – multiple times. They also agreed that other methods were tried to disarm the man, including a Taser, unsuccessfully. He just kept right on coming anyway.

What exactly, were they supposed to do?

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