Sex line still connected to post office

January 6, 2012

When Doug Brink walked into my office last Wednesday and informed me that he was referred to a porn site by the United States Post Office, I immediately thought, I don’t have time for this new year’s prank. “Go away and leave me alone, Doug, I’m on deadline.” That’s what I was going to tell him.

Something made me pick up the phone and dial the 888 number he gave me, and sure enough a sexy voice on the other end ask me to join her in dialing another number that ended up being a pay-by-the-minute phone sex call.

Brink, from Farwell, stumbled upon this because he was calling the Detroit Division of the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, to complain about vandalism to his mailboxes and others. He had gotten a letter acknowledging the problem from Jennifer Taylor, a postal inspector at the Detroit office. It was on official USPS letterhead, signed by Taylor, and underneath her signature was the 888 number.

Of course trying to track down a postal official that would talk to you about the problem, is a lesson in patience.  Like most federal government agencies, there is a long list of bureaucrats, but no one supposedly qualified to answer your questions. After calling several times, finally a post office media specialist answered our questions.

Essentially,  the media specialist claimed we wasn’t aware of the problem until recently when he had received several emails and that he would refer the matter on to national headquarters. He completely downplayed the situation, claiming it wasn’t an official post office number.

I beg to differ. In the office we checked the Postal Inspector website and guess what, the number appeared there as well. I can only imagine how many thousands of people have called the number, and instead of talking to a postal clerk, were talking to a phone sex operator.

Now I know things happen.  I don’t quite know how this could happen, and it is truly embarrassing to the post office brass, but to attempt to brush it off or worse yet, not do anything about it is a disgrace.

By the way it’s now a week later, and I just called the number again. The lady answering said, “lets have a good time together.” Seven days later and one of the numbers tied to the United States Postal Inspection Service is still connected to a porn site.

I think I’m about ready to “go postal.”

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One Response to Sex line still connected to post office

  1. Jason871

    January 6, 2012 at 11:27 pm

    Sounds like the broke Post Office couldn’t keep up the payment on an toll free phone line, so when it became available for “resale” some enterprising sex-line service jumped on a number that already had a good amount of traffic coming in.
    Same thing happens to abandoned web site addresses.