Signs of fall

August 30, 2012

We made another unexpected trip north last weekend and I want to give you my first official report of fall color.

All the way to Roscommon we saw limbs here and there turning yellow or bright red. What a difference one short week can make. On our trim the weekend before we didn’t see a single yellow leaf.

Then today, (Wednesday) on a quick trip up to Harrison and back, Jack and spotted the first fully turned tree, bright yellow and right in front of one of the lakes you can see from the expressway at Harrison.

Hard to believe it is happening already, especially when the weather is still so beautiful outside. Even the nights aren’t all that cool yet and tomorrow, the temperature is supposed to climb back up into the high 80s again. Any way you look at it that still says summer…

But Labor Day weekend is here again.

There’s a lot to do around the area with the Farwell Labor Day Festival going on all weekend and the Amish Craft Show and Quilt Auction bringing thousands up to Clare on Friday and Saturday. Just south of there, next door on Leaton Road in fact, will be the 10th anniversary celebration of the Crossroads Donkey Rescue organization on Sunday.

You can read all about their amazing operation to foster unwanted donkeys and mules in this issue. That is one story I had a great time researching. I spent half my picture taking time just petting one lovable donkey named Hannah. They certainly are wonderful animals and I applaud the group for their efforts to find abused, unwanted and neglected ones good homes.

When the hectic holiday weekend is over, it will be time for the kiddies to head back to school again. Then, no matter what the weather is, fall really arrives. I’m already waiting for the first frost warning.

Fall really is the shortest, sweetest season of all isn’t it?

It is the end of an always too short summer and the beginning of an always too long winter. Meantime you get to enjoy crisp breezy days, a hint of burning leaves in the air, and crystal clear nights when the stars seem ready to fall out of the sky.

Fall always comes upon you like you have never seen it before. One morning you get up and all of the trees are sporting beautiful hues of red, orange and yellow leaves, and the air smells completely different.

I am looking for the signs. You can almost feel the trees getting ready to change. But, no matter how carefully I watch for it, when it does arrive – in full bloom – it will still be a surprise and the color will be amazing…

When the sun shines, fall colors seem to glow with their own special light.

When the evenings get cooler in the fall, the sky gets to clear that the stars seem brighter than they have all summer.

The birds are getting ready for the season change again. We have been watching flocks of geese flying by and I haven’t seen a hummingbird around for about a week now. Maybe they know something we don’t. The feeders are unusually busy as our little feathered moochers try to stock up while they can.

Pretty soon we will be seeing pumpkins along the road and farmers rushing to bring in the last of the crops. The apples will be ready to pick and the farmer’s markets full of great things from the garden.

It’s a great time of year, I just wish it would last about six months instead of six weeks…

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