Signs of SPRING!

April 3, 2014

RayAugustienDefinite signs of spring are here.   I can. see young people walking around in tee shirts and short pants, and here and there, you can see the underwear sticking out of their pants, all the while they are constantly trying to hitch them up to keep from falling down to the ankles.

I remember when I was a teenager, when the weather got up to 50°, I laid out in the sun on a patch of dry ground that I found in the backyard. I’m not saying that I tried to rush spring, but I sure did love that little bit of sunshine after a long season of cold snowy weather. I would lay out in the sun no matter how chilly it got. If nothing more than to prove how tough I was to my siblings, and my friends.

The weather we are experiencing right now, might not be the most ideal. But according to the calendar, we are in the spring season. I guess it’s true because I can see robins outside on the lawn, at least the little bit of lawn that dares to make an appearance. There are buds starting to appear on the trees, Maple sugar boilers are in full swing.  In the front yard, the squirrels are making quick raids to our birdfeeders, looking for a free hand out.

However I’m not going to wade through a snowdrift to fill the birdfeeders. The little critters are going to have to wait until the snow goes down a little more before I spread the feast for them. Of course my wife is anxious to have the little birds back, where she can watch them.

Ahh yes, the time of year has come, when we do a Safari around our property lines, picking up all the trash and broken limbs that have accumulated during the winter months. It’s amazing, the amount of trash that had accumulated there also. I’m also amazed at what kind of trash has ended up on my lawn. I find beer cans, bottles and plastic bags. According to some trash that I find, I kind of wondered if somebody has chosen my yard as a good spot to throw the trash out of the car.

I can see its going to take a lot of work to get the lawn into shape for the summer. I’ll have to get out the grass seed and fertilizer. Make sure the lawn mower still runs okay. I’m not really enthusiastic about all the work ahead of me to prepare my yard for the summer season. I think I’ll just set back and let somebody else do all the work.

There used to be an abundance of young people going from door to door asking if we had any work for them to do. But now it seems like all the young people are congregating up and down the streets of town. I know last year I really wanted somebody to come and help me plant flowers, however there was no one to assist me. I guess they had a bad case of spring fever that lasted all summer.

Goodbye old man winter. Thank you Mother Nature for sending spring our way. I’m not sure I could have endured all that cold weather much longer. I might have to work a little harder to keep my yard looking nice but at least I won’t have to do it in a snowdrift.

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