Something for Everyone!

February 20, 2014

“There’s no way that if you get participation out of a person can they say you didn’t rock it.”

 – Jam Master Jay

I’d like to apply Jam Master Jay’s quote to more than just a rock concert.  Let’s think about school!  Let’s think about Clare Public Schools!!! For me specifically and currently, I am dedicated to the district and community of Clare.  My family moved to Clare, and my three children enjoy attending school in the district.  So what is the big deal with participation-engagement?  Well to be honest, and according to Eric Jensen the author of a book that several CPS staff members are currently reading titled Engaging Students with Poverty in Mind, engagement is a key factor in many studies related to success for students.  He even breaks it down into 7 specific factors which are: Health and nutrition, vocabulary, effort and energy, mind-set, cognitive capacity, relationships and stress level.  In the book we are learning how to directly impact each of the seven factors through our programs and our teaching.  The outcome is more engagement and more student participation!

At Clare Public Schools we want ALL of our students to be successful.  Our Clare Public Schools Mission Statement is Creating Personal Success! We want and believe this for each and every child in our care.  This is not easy nor do we take it lightly. What are the “best” strategies and methods to use to meet the varied and different needs of our children?  We must always study and search for the answers to these questions.  Our teachers are willing and smart! Our parents are helpful, and our students want to learn!

The support that we have with our Board of Education is very important. When many other districts have cut important programs such as the Arts, we have not. The dedication that we have to teaching the “whole student” is what makes the “Clare” difference.

Clare Public Schools= Creating Personal Success. We have many ways that we celebrate and honor the differences in our students and ensure that each child will find his or her appropriate path to success!  In our Primary school we are using technology to assist teachers throughout all levels of learning.  This may be for interventions or extensions. We also have technology present in our stellar music program.  Students are actually composing via mini ipads! In all grade levels teachers  integrate themed units to make real life experiences and today’s happenings make the curriculum come to life while learning the important concepts and skills needed to be successful on state mandated assessments.  Our Middle School teachers offer tutoring to all that need support and nearly every English classroom has a full computer lab.  Our math teachers at the Middle school work with our students to find where they are and move them forward.  In fact we have several students taking on-line math in a grade advanced from their own class.

We want all students to excel. These are just a few examples of the many in our Primary and Middle schools.  Our Clare High School is planning a new and exciting program for the fall that will offer a college associates degree earning option for all current sophomores and those that follow that are academically ready and wish to commit.  It is called Clare High School Early Middle College, EMC.  The school district will actually pay for 60 college credits for students that complete the program.  Students will attend college while in high school junior and senior years then spend an extra year with Clare High School called a 13th year attending Mid Michigan Community College and graduate with a diploma and an associate’s degree!  New High School Principal, Mr. Ed Hubel will be meeting with all sophomores Feb. 21st and a big Kickoff with parents and students will take place Feb. 27th at 7:00 PM at Mid Michigan.

This piece is titled “Something for Everyone.” From sports to the arts which includes band, Clare Public Schools has wide and wonderful offerings for our students. We are always looking to do more and better for our kids.  Recent additional programs include middle school volleyball, bowling and our new English Language Arts curriculum materials for our HS students. This included the purchase of Chrome books, and our 2-3 multiage program in our Primary school. We are mindful of our budget, and we put the needs of our students first! Clare Public Schools…Creating Personal Success!

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